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Pokemon Go is one of the most famous and interesting games ever. In this game, you have to move from one place to another place to find each Pokemons. People have to play this game by moving, there is no solution to play this game on Android devices officially. But now it is possible to play it on Android devices and you can play this game even on your portable PC after having your emulator. In this article, I am going to provide a complete guide that actually works for you if you are a fan of this wonderful game. Let’s surf through the process. By using android emulators you can play Pokemon Go without moving which will help you to play pokemon go home in this quarantine without any problem.

What is an emulator?

   Before getting into the steps, you have to know about the emulators. Because an emulator is the key to play this Pokemon game on PC. An emulator is nothing but a program that allows a device to function like another device. This is prevalent in hardware and software emulating another device. Through this you can run your PC on another OS device using some codings. This is the primary knowledge about the emulator.

List of best emulators

Bluestacks: Bluestacks is the oldest android emulator but still serving its best with improved features. This is compatible with Intel and AMD processors. It enables users to play multiple games or use multiple accounts to run multiple instances of a single game simultaneously on the PC.

Nox player: It can play any game from Android to your PC. It is compatible with AMD and intel processors. With this application you are able to play heavy games on your PC. You can customize the emulator settings as per your needs.

Memu play: This is the new version of an emulator and gives a wonderful experience when you play your android games on PC. This not only stops playing games, it also allows you to stream other apps which are not suited to Windows. This is a fast, free and stable application.

These three applications are the best performing emulators. Though there are many such applications some may have more storage and some may have many problems in it. If you want a user friendly application use these three applications to have the best experience. In this article I am only going to explain the settings with BlueStacks. Because BlueStacks is the most better application than the other applications.

Pre requirements:

   Playing Pokemon go is an easy process only if you know the complete process.

  •  First you should have an Android phone that is capable of playing Pokemon go.
  • Then you should have the OS emulator that will allow you to play the mobile games on PC.
  • Download and install one emulator to your PC. If you don’t have any idea about choosing an emulator I gave some familiar emulator’s list that will surely help you to choose the best one.
  • You should have the Fake GPS app. Without this application you won’t play this game at your place. Because location is essential to find a Pokemon.
  • After doing all the steps, download Pokemon Go apk on your PC.

   So these are the primary settings that you must have before playing this game on your PC.

Play Pokemon Go with Bluestacks:

Install BlueStacks: Download and install the BlueStacks on your PC.

Install and run kingRoot: You should install this KingRoot through the BlueStacks. Open BlueStacks app and find the respective apk and the KingRoot will be downloaded automatically. After installing choose Fix it option. When the security index appears click on optimize now. After this setup you don’t need  this app any more.

Restart BlueStacks: Tap the cogwheel on the right corner at the top and select Restart Android Plugin. This is routine because you will need it again.

Copy files from Windows: On BlueStacks choose the File icon on the left and open Fake GPS. After completing the steps, close the window.

Install and run lucky patcher: The installation process is the same as the KingRoot application. After installing, go to Rebuild and install in the bottom right. Then follow sdcard> windows> bstsharedfolder. Select fake GPS apk and install it. Reboot BlueStacks.

Download Pokemon go: Now install the Pokemon go application but don’t launch it.

Monitor location settings: Go to BlueStacks settings and select location. Make sure the settings are set to high accuracy. Disable other GPS locations on your windows otherwise they will mess with BlueStacks.

Setup fake GPS: Choose fake GPS in Lucky patcher and select launch app. You will get a pop-up showing the instructions to use the fake GPS. Read it carefully and exit the page. Click the three dotted button and choose settings and make the option to expert mode. Now get back to the map and choose location. Click save and start playing by clicking the orange button.

Play your game: Now everything was set. Just play your game and remember if you want to change your location go back to fake GPS and select another location. Don’t use a long location as it may detect the GPS spoofing.

Final words

   I gave the complete guide of the Pokemon go game. You should be aware while using fake GPS otherwise your account will be banned. Ask in the comment section if you have any doubts.

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