The advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing


We will try to list the main advantages of direct marketing for a deeper understanding of its features.

  • Selection of the target audience.

Targeted audience selection is one of the main advantages of direct marketing. Telemarketing and direct mailing allow you to best carry out targeted audience selection. Telemarketing, in contrast to television, is characterized by a greater degree of selectivity.

Radio is also not a very selective means, with the exception of specialized programs or channels that use certain music, affecting psychographic groups. For direct marketing, outdoor advertising tools, such as stands, are often not used, as they provide low selectivity. After telemarketing and direct mailing, magazines are the best way to go, because they allow you to make an almost targeted selection of your audience.

  • Geographic selectivity.

For direct marketing, most often you need a choice of individual regions, which is better suited to the use of telemarketing and direct mail. If your target audience is in a certain region, money for advertising in an all magazine will be wasted.

  • Demographic selectivity.

When using demographic databases (containing information about age, gender, marital status, nationality, etc.) telemarketing is certainly the best. Magazines and some radio and television programs are also capable of providing demographic selectivity.

  • Psychological selectivity.

Telemarketing allows you to directly reach certain groups of people with the appropriate style and lifestyle (psychographic groups). Highly specialized magazines, radio and television programs also provide psychographic selectivity.

  • Unnecessary information circulation.

Telemarketing again comes to the fore in this indicator, since a more “violent” method of delivering information is used, and the rating of newspapers and magazines for this indicator is extremely low, like radio and television.

  • Fast response.

Telemarketing allows you to get a response within 1 hour, so it gives you the opportunity to immediately check the offer and make sure the response. Television sometimes also allows you to get a quick response, even within a few minutes while the advertisement is on, but a large sum of money and time is spent on its production. But if you have enough time and can wait a few days, then you can try using the radio and television.

  • Measuring response.

The company will be able to quickly spread the offer to other markets or the media, the faster it will evaluate the response. The conducted telemarketing study allows you not to waste time waiting for a response since the company receives it already in the first hours of the campaign.

  • All kinds of ways to answer.

People, the quicker they want to place an order, the more opportunities they have to respond. If they can make an order by phone, it’s good, as well as if they have the opportunity to send a response by fax or e-mail. Radio and television cannot provide this opportunity. They usually offer one way to communicate. And when a person sees an advertisement that interests him, he does not have the opportunity to scroll back the program in order to clarify the phone number.

  • A large selection of opportunities is the best test of demand.

Telemarketing provides great opportunities to check demand. Script changes allow you to experience several types of one sentence. Due to the brevity of time intervals or the high cost of production, broadcast media provide less opportunity to check offers of several kinds.

  • A large amount of space for communication.

With the exception of lengthy television shows, other media outlets offer little space. Telemarketing (given that the operator speaks 150 words per minute) solves this problem.

  • The potential for changes.

Television makes it almost impossible to make changes due to the expensive manufacturing process. Telemarketing provides more room for change. The big advantage is that it is possible to make changes every minute. Newspapers and local radio also allow for changes.

  • Great audience engagement.

The undoubted winner in this indicator is telemarketing. Some television shows can also attract attention to varying degrees.

  • Intrusiveness.

If people do not have the opportunity to avoid receiving the proposed information, then the media is intrusive. Telemarketing is an intrusive media because during advertising on television you can switch to another channel, during advertising on the radio you can tune in to another wave, in a magazine you just have to turn the page.

  • The ability to attract an audience at its location.

With the appropriate databases, telemarketing can get a potential client at work or at home. Television and radio provide the same opportunity, and without losing time spent on the road.

  • The fast collapse of information and short input time.

The flexibility of the time structure allows you to check offers more often and makes it possible to quickly collapse the entire company if the situation requires it. Telemarketing, radio, and newspapers have such a structure. You can learn more from the pay per click management companies if you’re looking for online advertising over traditional advertising.

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