Outdoor Banner Advertising Trends

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There are several types of custom signs in Seattle. Custom signs tend to be very effective and are able to create the desired impact. Some of the popular custom signs in Seattle include backlit posters, retractable banners, canvas prints, photo posters, mounted posters, indoor banners, tripod banners, outdoor banners, event signage, etc.

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Popular Banner Advertising Trends

Digital marketing has changed the marketing strategies of many firms around the world. It has now become necessary for every decent business to have a website or mobile app of their own. But that is not all; digital marketing is also equally important. However, the traditional method of offline marketing is still alive which includes banner advertising. Here are the current banners trends prevent today:

  • Vinyl Banners: A vinyl banner is useful both outside as well as inside and it is possible to create in many different shapes and sizes. Such banners are highly effective and hence placed in vantage locations outdoors like busy intersections so that they can be visible to large crowds. It is also useful at trade shows and exhibitions as well. It has proved to quite effective for mass marketing.
  • Bill Boards: Billboard advertising is one of the more popular methods of banner advertising and usually involves a large banner to attract the attention of motorists and pedestrians. Billboards are usually found in areas that have high traffic or at intersections where there is slow-moving traffic or traffic halting for a while. It is an effective method of marketing that works out cheaper than online marketing. It is an efficient method of brand advertising for a business 24×7 and offers flexibility in terms of design and customization. The advantage of this kind of advertising is that is usually quite big and hard for people passing by to ignore.
  • Digital Signage Boards: This is also an effective method of displaying the products and services of a band to potential customers. This kind of advertising makes use of digital screens, free-standing kiosks, and shelf displays. The advantage of using a digital signage board is that it can be remotely controlled and managed using cloud-based CMs. They can also be updated on a more regular basis with little effort. This type of banner does not involve any type of printing and neither does it require you to deliver any poster or banner thus saving time and money. One of the common uses for this type of board is as a menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner.

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  • Mesh Banners: This form of advertising is effective in any type of location, found on fences, boundaries and many other outdoor locations. A Mesh Banner is a light fabric with thousands of small holes. This type of banner is necessary to print and the printing is usually done on light fabric. The advantage of using this type of banner is that it can tolerate harsh weather conditions like scorching heat. The significance of the holes in the mesh banner is that it allows air to pass through it; which means it can withstand fast wind and heavy rain as well; besides which it is also tear-proof. The design of this mesh material is such that the printing does not fade away when done with high-quality ink.
  • Site Signage: This type of custom sign is popular with builders, construction companies, and other businesses at a construction site. It is made from high-quality fiber material that is resistant to wind, rain, and other bad weather. This is also a popular offline marketing strategy that is possible to do in several shapes and sizes. It is only a one-time installation for business and continues to work as a marketing tool for their brand effectively.

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