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Living in the world of state-of-the-art technologies provides us with convenience. Everything is created to make life easier. There are numerous gadgets and programs that make work easier too. It is hard to imagine the work of modern entrepreneurs without certain business tools. These tools help to build an effective process of work. They are especially useful for those, who only start. Launching a new business is hard. You have a limited budget, you need people and time. This is where multiple programs will help you.

Must-Have Programs to Help You

  • Google Analytics. New and old firms need to track down their expenses, calculate budget and plan. Google Analytics is a great tool to help with figures. It offers an excellent tool for statistics, which can be shown in numbers, days, weeks, percentages, etc. it takes little time to understand how the program works. Once you start using it, you will hardly stop doing that.
  • Zone PDF. If you frequently have to deal with various formats, you might need to convert them. Sometimes people use different software and converting a file into another format is a good solution to make it readable. The most common need is to convert PDF into Word and PPT, or vice versa. Note that is a very convenient PDF converter online. You will find it immensely useful for converting PPT to PDF. This is a good way to makes sure that the settings of your presentation will not change when using different equipment.
  • You will agree that carrying around a full bag of heavy documents is hard. Carrying numerous flash drives is also not very convenient options. DropBox is a perfect solution for sharing various types of files, including video, with other people. You create an account, upload files, and the system generates a link. You can share this link with other people. You can store your files and get access to them at any time. All you need is a good Internet.
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  • Are you looking for new talents to join your team? You can find the right people online. Linkedin helps narrow down the search. This is an online platform with access to new talents. This is, basically, a professional Facebook page. Instead of telling about hobbies, people tell about their career and achievements. You do not have to pay to a recruitment agency to find smart people.
  • It is an old but still very popular program. It has literally revolutionized communication in many ways. The program helps you organize a call or even a video meeting with people around the world. It is a great tool when urgent meetings have to be held. You can also use it as a phone to reach people outside your country, which is sometimes expensive. In addition, it is possible to send files via Skype but they should not be huge.

Keep in mind these tools but do not forget that this is not all of them. The number of useful tools for businesses is not limited. You can easily find other great programs efficient for your business.

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