Top 7 Mobile Applications to Manage the WordPress Website

Creating a website has its own dynamics, but managing it needs a different approach altogether. Due to constantly changing demands the functionalities also need to be changed or added regularly and this can be a very stressful job for any WordPress developer, but now you do not need to lose sleep over it as your smartphone can be very helpful in this regard as there are a number of mobile applications to manage WordPress website. So, without wasting any more time let’s have a look at some of them.

1.     WooCommerce:

Mobile Applications to Manage the WordPress Website,Manage the WordPress Website

In case you are planning to run an online store with the help of WooCommerce, then take a look at the WooCommerce app. It is currently designed for the IOS platform and helps in managing stores while offering a perfect interface designed to view store performance parameters like sales and orders.

However, there is a general misconception that it is the replacement of the desktop version but in reality, it is not the case as It lacks some of the features and therefore cannot be called the substitute of the desktop version. It is always stated to be quite useful in order to check orders whenever you are away from a computer.

2. Apps:

Mobile Applications to Manage the WordPress Website,Manage the WordPress Website

If you are planning to manage self-hosted WordPress-based websites, you can try using Apps. Through the apps from this source, you get the chance to create posts, moderate comments, and even upload photos from iOS and Android devices. There are some features available with the app, which might require you to create a account. This platform comprises some built-in readers, which help you keep track of the blogs you follow on this network. There are some guides available online, suggesting ways to use these apps on mobile devices.

3.     Google Analytics:

Mobile Applications to Manage the WordPress Website,Manage the WordPress Website

One of the most powerful and free forms of analytic tools has to be Google Analytics. It is perfectly designed for website owners and has helped them big time. Through this app, you will come to know the number of people visiting your website, the locations from which these visits are happening, and the activities of the users while visiting your website. With the help of this application, you get the chance to view the site report on your mobile device. It assists you in viewing and creating custom reports.

In addition, you get the chance to select the date ranges and even get to view some of the real-time reports. There is a step by step guidelines available on ways to install Google Analytics in WordPress or else one can always ask a custom WordPress designer for assistance in this regard.

4.     Buffer:

Mobile Applications to Manage the WordPress Website,Manage the WordPress Website

Another interesting mobile app for managing your WordPress website has to be Buffer. It is a perfect app to schedule posts for your current profiles created on social media sites. Through this application, you get the chance to view posts you have queued up for along with the posts you have shared. Get to learn more about the analytics of your website’s growth along with the new content you have added. This platform is definitely what you need for keeping your current followers engaged whenever you are away right from the desk. So, this app has its share of proficiency.

5.     Feedly:

Mobile Applications to Manage the WordPress Website,Manage the WordPress Website

Another smart and modernized feed reader over here is Feedly. This app can help you to stay in touch with your favorite blogs, news sources, and even websites. You get the chance to organize websites into various topics as collected. Through this app, you can easily get to share your articles directly right from the app on its own.

6.     Inbox by Google:

Mobile Applications to Manage the WordPress Website,Manage the WordPress Website

Being a WordPress site owner, there are higher chances for you to receive email notifications for updates, comments, and even contact form notifications. During such instances, Inbox by Google is the one to help you maintain a clean inbox. This email client will bundle up emails automatically into groups and help you to mark them easily. It further helps in reducing notifications by alerting you during important emails.

7.     Google Drive:

For those free storage of your files, you have to head toward Google Drive. The best thing about this practice is that it helps you to access files right from anywhere on your current device. It is mainly a great alternative to OneDrive or Dropbox.

These are a few of the many tools, designed to help you cover the mobile version of the WordPress website. So, before you head for any one of the following, make sure to check out their features well first, and on time.

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