How to score increase with real instagram followers


Buying Instagram followers for your account gives you more social credibility amongst other users especially if the account in question is used for the purpose of promoting a business or it seeks social relevance. This is because people judge Instagram account by a number of followers, in that such account appears more trustworthy and credible … Read more

How to increase Instagram likes on even an awful post


Every single day, people ask lots of questions about Instagram and the question comes down to the old age question “How can I increase my Instagram likes?” The reason why people ask these questions is that they want engagement on their post and profile. Most Instagram users find it hard to have real Instagram likes … Read more

How Can Instagram Tools Skyrocket Your Social Media Presence?

Online marketing campaigns are much more than increasing the user engagement and getting a higher return on investment. The main focus of the contemporary digital marketing campaigns is to gain higher visibility on the web. Thanks to the dominating nature of social media channels, promotion of business and the products and services happen mostly over … Read more

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Instagram introduces emoji slider for polls

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If you have ever used a poll in Instagram Stories but wanted a bit more than the standard “one-or-the-other” options, then Instagram has a unique option for you. The company is introducing a brand new slider for polls, and it includes emoji. The feature is part of the newest version of Instagram, which is available now … Read more