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The Beginner's Guide to Help Business Owners Build Their Brand on Instagram

If you use social media to market your business, you understand what an influencer is. Instagram is one of the top influencer social media networks in the industry. This segment of marketing has grown substantially over the past few years. If you have not established your own brand on Instagram yet, you should consider it since this is the most effective, efficient, and popular way to earn revenue from your Instagram profile. 

To grow your profile on Instagram (or any social network) to become an influencer, you must think and present yourself like an influencer does. Today’s successful influencers did not get where they are now without using a unique and specific marketing strategy.

Here are some tips to help you market yourself like you are an influencer 

1) Outsource Things You Cannot Do Yourself

One of the ways successful influencers do is outsource at least some of their tasks. While some buy followers, this is not a recommended practice. However, if you want to use a service to help build your presence on Instagram, try Growthoid.

The tasks that social influencers outsource relate to mundane, time-consuming activities. Initially, you may have this kind of time to expend, but once you have grown, you will need outside help. 

One example of outsourcing: You decide you want to invest your time in creating content. While you create your content, you can outsource the engagement portion. Growthoid is a viable solution for that.

Also, you can use TaskAnt.com for helping you with Instagram hashtag generation.

Takeaway: Choose what you want to focus on (what you are good at) and outsource the rest. 

2) Switch Your Profile to a Business Profile

If you are thinking about marketing on Instagram or any other social media channel as an influencer, you will need an Instagram business profile and a Facebook page. If you look, you will find that successful influencers have a business profile on Instagram. 

An advantage of switching to an Instagram business profile is that you can activate a contact button to get in touch so that followers can communicate easily with you from your profile. This way, if you do not want to use Facebook marketing tools, you still have that contact. 

Takeaway: If you want to represent yourself as an influencer and market yourself like one, you switch to a business profile.

3) Create Teaser Content

One of the things that influencers do is post hints related to an upcoming product release. Creating this sense of urgency promotes excitement and hype for a brand. If they can do it, so can you.

Posting teasers for up-and-coming products will increase your sales and enhance your social proof. These teasers must be produced with class and not salesy or pushy. That kind of content will put your followers and potential followers off. They are less likely to wait around for your product release. 

Takeaway: Create teaser content that promotes excitement and hype without being salesy or pushy. 

4) Instagram Stories and How Influencers Use Them

Watch influencers and monitor how often they use Instagram Stories. It is highly likely that you will see them use this feature at least a couple of times per day. If you want to represent yourself like an influencer, you want to take advantage of Instagram Stories. 

Do not forget to keep up with posting content to your feed as well as two to four stories per day. It is important to regularly update your Instagram Stories because that is what keeps your community engaged with you and your brand. It also helps them know what to expect from your Instagram page. 

Takeaway: Use Instagram Stories like an Influencer to engage your audience. 

5) Use Good Timing

The key to posting content on any social media site is to post at the right times without going overboard. This can be a fine line for some marketers. It is likely you have read this recommendation before, but as your presence grows, this becomes essential. 

Look at how the big influencers do not simply post randomly on their feed. They post when most of their target demographic is on Instagram. The temptation to over post during these prime times is high, but you must resist if you want to market like an influencer. 

Takeaway: Do post at the right times to engage your audience. Do not post too much and overwhelm them. 

Final Thoughts

Be patient with yourself when marketing like an influencer. After all, successful influencers have many years of experience. That said, you have every opportunity to copy their marketing strategies toward becoming an influencer. 

The more you use these tips, the more likely you are to become an influencer. In the whole process, if you’re missing the use of some of the best hashtag generator apps, you’re missing a lot in the journey. So, use them for your assistance, and hope you find our guide helpful. Cheers!

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