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Introduction The era of high digital technologies, the abundance of information, and extremely aggressive management force us to use a variety of advanced methods for obtaining both personal and corporate data, for further use of this data in various areas. There are a lot of different reasons to search for such things. The applicant is … Read more

Verifying The IPs And Emails Of Your Website Visitors For Spam Prevention

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Nowadays there is a tough war between spam generators and various anti-spam tools and measures. Both continuously employ new technologies and methods to become more efficient. Thus, spam generators have employed bots to disseminate information by placing comments on various websites and even to do so on sites where registration is needed (the bots can … Read more

Cyberattackers Kick Down a Few Parliament Email Doors

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The United Kingdom’s Parliament on Monday reported a cyberattack on its email system over the weekend, when hackers attempted to access user accounts without authorization. Due to the “robust measures” in place to protect the legislative body’s accounts and networks, fewer than 1 percent of the 9,000 accounts on the network were compromised, officials said. … Read more