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Should you be among the individuals seeking to import messages from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. This article will then demonstrate how to complete it rapidly. The mailbox data is saved in different types of data files on Mac OS and Windows OS, even though the MS Outlook email application may be used on both platforms.
Outlook data is saved in OLM files on Macs and PST files on Windows computers. Thus, in this blog, we’ll discuss a few of the reasons why users want to convert OLM files to PST format.

We will also discuss various approaches that consumers can use to simply tackle this problem. Before that, though, we must talk about the reasons why a user would wish to move their Mac mail to a Windows Outlook.

Converting mailboxes from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook for the following reasons –

For a variety of reasons, users of Mac Outlook must import data into Windows Outlook. Thus, these are a few potential explanations –

1. Mac Outlook users have to convert if they want to exchange emails with colleagues who utilize Windows systems using Mac Outlook.
2. Since Windows Outlook does not provide a simple way to access Mac Outlook files.
3. Moving from Mac OS to Windows OS could be another reason for the changeover.

The Manual Process of exporting emails from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

The manual procedure consists of four phases. First, export OLM files from Mac Outlook. Next, in the second step, add a Gmail account to Mac Outlook. Next, in the third step, transfer OLM files to a Gmail account, in the fourth step, add this Gmail account to Windows Outlook.

Step 1: From Mac Outlook, export OLM files

1. Start by opening Mac Outlook, then select Tools from the menu, and then click the Export button.
2. Select the objects you wish to export.
3. Give the file a name and select where to save it.
4. When the procedure is complete, tap the finish button.

Step 2: In Mac Outlook, add Gmail

1. Launch Mac Outlook and select Preferences.
2. Click on the Accounts Option.
3. From the lower left corner, select the plus symbol.
4. From the drop-down option, select email.
5. After entering your email address, click “Add Account.”

Step 3: Transferring OLM Files to a Gmail Address

1. In your Gmail account, right-click the newly formed Gmail account.
2. Next, select a different folder.
3. Type the folder name here, then select File, then Import.
4. To move an object within the chosen folder, right-click on it and select Move, then Folder.
5. Select Copy after finding the Gmail folder.
6. In a few minutes, the contents from the OLM file will be moved to a new Gmail folder.

Step 4: Integrating a Gmail account with Microsoft Outlook

1. Launch Windows Outlook and set up an identical Gmail account.
2. You may view Mac emails after setting up your Gmail account in Windows Outlook.

Cons of the Manual Approach –

It is best to avoid using manual approaches for the following reasons –

  • The user can decide to skip some steps because it’s a long process.
  • If a file becomes damaged and is destroyed throughout converting or importing, the user’s data can be lost.
  • There is no assurance that this manual method will send the data securely.
  • After completion, no specific results are guaranteed.
  • The entire process is difficult to complete, confusing, and time-consuming.
  • Users need to be technically competent in order to finish the manual technique.

Expert Help to the Rescue – Import Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

After discussing manual ways, it’s time to consult the experts. However, there are several third-party products available that can help us in this area. TrustVare Mac OLM to PST Converter , however, is the greatest solution that experts suggest. With the help of this, users will be able to swiftly and effectively handle this problem without seeking expert help while moving emails from Mac to Windows Outlook.

Steps To Convert OLM to PST Converter –

  • Download this tool and run on your system
  • Add OLM files/folder by using the browse tab
  • After that its scan and shows the live previews of chosen OLM files
  • Then, select the PST from the export options
  • And choose the destination path to store the resultant PST file
  • Finally, click on the Convert Now tab to start the process of Conversion.


In this blog, we’ve covered how users can import their mailboxes from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. In addition, we’ve spoken about a number of potential causes for people to move their Mac emails over to Windows Outlook.

Thus, in order to assist users in resolving this issue, we have also discussed both manual ways and an automated solution. Certain limitations of manual procedures can result in corruption and loss of data. As a result, it takes a long time.

Because it has excellent features and security, the Automated solution will be the greatest option for people in this situation. Consequently, the entire process will be completed quickly with the expert answer.

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