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Air Mail was created in just three days for the annual Ludum Dare game jam. 

As the only mail carrier in a small rural community of scarf-wearing stick figures, your job is to carry oversized letter between the various residents. The distances are too large for walking, so instead you take to the skies in a rather adorable plane.

Unfortuantely, said plane suffers from rather poor fuel economy and you'll have to use gas wisely to avoid running out in the middle of nowhere. You can refill the tank from the various oil drums scattered throughout the landscape, but walking to and fro means sacrificing punctuality, and nobody wants that.

The game has no installer – …
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The Windows 10 Mail app now works better with Gmail

Microsoft wants to tempt Gmail users to switch from the web client to the Mail app built into Windows 10 – support for prioritizing emails automatically, tracking package deliveries and managing reservations will shortly start working with Gmail accounts as well as Outlook ones.

The Focused Inbox feature is the most noteworthy, where the Mail app pushes important-looking messages to the top of the pile, a lot like Gmail on the web does. Less urgent messages get filtered out into an "Other" folder so you can deal with them when you've got the time.

For all this to work, Microsoft says the app syncs a copy of your email, contacts and calendars to the cloud, so it …
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Apple Mail manager leaves to work on third-party email app


One of the most important engineers behind Apple’s own Mail app has decided to leave the company and lend his skills to another email app creator. Readdle, makers of the popular Spark email app for iOS, has hired away former Apple Mail engineering manager Terry Blanchard to work on ‘the future of email’ after he […]

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Mac: SmallCubed Mail Act-On


For those who aren’t quite comfortable living entirely on the web, Apple’s macOS Mail is actually a pretty capable e-mail app, providing a nice, clean user interface and all of the features that most users would need. However, like most Apple apps, power users will probably find Apple Mail to be a bit light on more advanced features, which is where third-party d…
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Tip of the Day: Filtering your Message List in the iOS 10 Mail app


If you use the built in Mail app on your iPhone or iPad and deal with sifting through a lot of email messages, you’ll likely appreciate a small feature that Apple added in iOS 10, which gives you the ability to quickly and easily filter your message listing. A button in the bottom-left corner of the Mail app will toggle on a filtered view that provides quick fi…
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