How Media Streaming Devices Can Be Used for Digital Marketing

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Nowadays, media is everywhere. On smartphones, tablets, TV screens, smart watches, desktops, everywhere! Media is starting to be flexible; that’s why it has also become a lot easier for companies to advertise, market, and sell products and services. With the wide range of media available all over the world today, it’s impossible not to think of ways and use these ways to generate higher profit and convert more users into clients.

Most companies nowadays have already started incorporating digital marketing with their goals and objectives. Several digital marketing techniques and strategies even require the need to use media streaming devices. You might be wondering, how can media streaming devices contribute to different companies’ digital marketing strategies? Well, through media streaming devices, your audience can 1) see it and 2) engage with it. It’s not made solely for entertainment purposes but business as well.

In fact, a social media agency from Kansas City suggests digital marketing through media streaming devices. This is because of its proven effectivity and how you can reach a greater audience without stripping off of your company’s ability to both market the product and provide quality content or entertainment. Still not convinced? In this article, listed are a few reasons why media streaming devices can be used for digital marketing.


When you watch TV, what are you most likely seeing almost 80% of the time? Advertisements, right? Marketing and promoting through media streaming devices already dates back from before times, and it still exists up to now.

When watching a TV show, there will always be commercial breaks, and between those commercial breaks are quick advertisements of different companies who are trying to market and sell their products and services. Since the audience is fully engaged with it, they’re most likely to consider purchasing a product or service from a specific company if further convinced. Aside from that, you can also add advertisements to videos posted either on YouTube or Facebook. Yes, Facebook now has this feature wherein you can incorporate ads within a 1-minute (or longer) video.

Easier Way of Getting Your Message Out

Media streaming devices vary in size, shape, and form. It could be your home flatscreen LED TV, or your trusty smartphone, or a tablet, could also be your office desktop, or maybe your smartwatch. Today, there are very little to no limits when it comes to technology, and with media streaming devices, you can definitely watch TV shows, series, movies, or documentaries anywhere and anytime you want.

That being said, you can reach a more considerable amount of audience because of its flexibility. You don’t have to rely on statistics that show only a certain amount of people use smartphones, so in result, you cross out advertising on smartphones as a marketing strategy. With the innovative tech tools that are available worldwide today, you can advertise, market, and sell your products and services through any device without the fear of not being able to reach your target market and send your message across all devices.

Here’s an example, Netflix is trying to market the new season of Stranger Things. Instead of promoting on their channel and website alone, they teamed up with Snapchat, which is an app available on smartphones and tablets, to promote the show’s new season. As a way to market and promote Stranger Things, Netflix and Snapchat thought of coming up with Snapchat lenses for a Strangers Things augmented reality experience.

Effectivity and Exposure Within Seconds to Minutes

We live in a very fast-paced world, where everyone is always on-to-go, in a hurry, and want things in an instant. With that, how do you become effective within a few seconds or minutes? How do you make the most out of your exposure?

Since your ads are available and can be viewed across multiple media streaming devices, it wouldn’t be a problem to reach a broader audience. All you have to do is think of high-quality content and compress it within a few seconds or minutes to make your company more effective (and not to mention, time-efficient). Never underestimate the power of a quick 30-second video ad, especially if it’s available on multiple channels like smartphones, tablets, desktops, and smart TVs.

Wrapping Up

Old, traditional ways of marketing are not exactly dead. However, new forms of [digital] marketing are available all across the globe, and there’s no harm in trying to incorporate these with your company’s digital marketing strategies. Since the world is continuously changing, why not try a few innovative ways on how to generate higher profit and reach a larger audience? As mentioned, former ways of marketing are not exactly dead. Companies just have to step up their game and think of ideas on how to make these techniques more creative and engaging.

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