How to Build a Video Wall for Gaming


Over the years, gamers have been on a constant search for revolutionary gaming experiences. One thing with gaming is that you basically cannot get enough. Whether it’s split screen, additional mouse buttons, 4k high end resolution display all the way to back lights in controllers and keyboards, the gold rush never ends.

In fact, gaming is nowadays a lifestyle for people of all ages. Children invest vast amounts of time deeply engrossed in console and PC games. A funny fact is that they do it with their dads. Imagine your dad being the sniper in Ghost Recon Wildlands and you the rifleman. This is just but a brief illustration to show you how gaming has not only become part of most people’s daily lives, but has also brought us all together.

Video wall for gaming

Gaming developers outdid themselves by creating better displays, and have now done it again by coming up with video walls for gaming. Video walls are basically an assortment of small screens in an agglomeration to form one large screen. They offer an immense gaming experience that will keep you deeply preoccupied on your screens. This is supported by the high detail level, large images and life-like simulations that are realized thanks to this technology.

However, setting up a video wall is a step by step procedure that requires background knowledge and organization skills in order to make it work. The key fundamental steps to build your perfect gaming wall are as shown below:

  • Plan your setup

Of course the first and foremost consideration for this is the planning process. You have to know what to expect from making a video wall by creating a vision of it, better yet, researching widely on the same. The next step is that you have to plan where you want to set it up. A video wall is a compilation of screens. This means that is requires a considerable amount of space to setup.

  • Buy the hardware

Based on your purchasing power and perspective towards how you want your vision wall to be, you need to cash in store to purchase the actual equipment. Some of the things you have to put at the back of your mind while doing this is having a good resolution screen for a start. This is because you want better quality images to enhance your experience.

The screens should be of the same size, thickness and preferably model in order to max out on the output. Moreover, your screens should all have high refresh rates since a screen’s response time will definitely affect your gaming experience.

The second thing you will be required to purchase are high end video cards. ‘Power equals performance’ is the best way to put this out. Most gamers usually prefer 1080p resolution to 4k resolution coupled up with a minimum of 60 frame rates per second (fps). Your graphic card needs to be able to handle this comfortably.

  • Setting up

You will be required to mount the screens using the different mounts provided by the manufacturers. The next process after that will be connecting the VGA, HDMI and DVI cables based on your monitor type as some may have different specifications. The three most commonly used choices for connecting your wall to the gaming device are:

  • Daisy-Chain: Involves a serial connection made across all networks whereby the main connection is done only on the first monitor.
  • Video wall controller: A connection box that has one input and multiple outputs whereby each screen gets connected to a single output and the gaming device on the other end.
  • Graphic Boards: Entails using multiple graphic cards connected to one screen. It is the method that offers the best quality but likewise costly.
  • Configure the software

This is the final and the most exciting step of all because the hard part is over and you are about to achieve one of the biggest gaming experiences of all time. The Onsign Tv windows application is an app that can guide you through the proper procedures. It is quite simple to use.

Upon doing all these procedures as stated, you will be good to go. All you need to do now is get your controller ready because the gaming voyage that this setup will present to you will take you to a whole new and exhilarating world in itself. Enjoy!

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