How Can Guest Posting Help With SEO?

Can Guest Posting Help With SEO

The #1 advice you will find out there regarding Search Engine Optimization is building high-quality DoFollow Backlinks. Building DoFollow backlinks that’s easy; there is an end number of places from where you can generally do-follow backlinks, but getting do-follow backlinks from a place that matter is kind of a big deal.

Because link juice passes from the website that is authoritative & belonging to your website’s niche. That is how you build a good backlink profile.

You may easily come across all the submission sites from where you may generate a do-follow backlink, but wouldn’t it be great if you can build backlinks from sites that are putting out high-quality content & are aligned to your niche? One way to do that is via Guest Blogging.

What is the correlation between Guest Blogging & SEO?

SEO on the off-page part is more or less about building links mostly do-follow links, it’s about building do-follow links & driving referral traffic two ranking factors that simply cannot be ignored.

When you contribute your content as a guest to websites that are relevant to your niche & site you get the opportunity to leave a do-follow backlink. It looks something like this <a href=””>Your anchor text</a> 

When Google Bot or any search engine bot comes for its routine crawl they discover this link which is in do-follow since the no-follow attribute isn’t added, which means that the bot will follow the link & rank your website according to the link value that site passed. 

If it is for the first time that you built the backlink from that website then that allows you to add that website in the fleet of your backlink profile which increases your website Domain Authority.

How can guest posting help your website with SEO?

Here are some ways through which guest posting can work for your SEO

1.Increase Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a metric devised by Moz to measure the authority of your website which is rather precise in terms of how authoritative a website is, if you are a SEMRush user then the metric will be called Domain Score. 

When you build a do-follow backlink at a website for the 1st time which already has domain authority higher than yours by at least 5-10 points & decent incoming traffic then that also increases your website domain authority.

Websites that rank well in SERPs are the ones enjoying decent domain authority, Google validates this factor.

2. Ranking for anchor text

Guest Blogging brings to you the opportunity to promote your competitive anchor text for which you intend to rank, a do-follow link to that anchor text is just the way to go about it.

As a rule of thumb, it is highly advisable to modify the anchor text so that Google Algorithm doesn’t find you to be fishy.

3. Get qualified referral traffic

Guest Blogging allows you to build links on the website that are authoritative & gets high incoming traffic every day, building link on those sites is pivotal for driving referral traffic to your website.

What if your Guest Blog on that site ranks #1 on Google? or gets featured in the featured snippets? Just imagine the sheer amount of referral traffic you will manage to drive to your destined page every single day.

4. Brand Awareness

Google Loves Brands, if you manage to establish yourself as a brand then that puts you in a privileged position to rank higher when people search for terms like “Best shoes” Nike may rank given the fact that Nike is a brand.

One way to establish brand awareness is via Author bio when you do guest blogging. You can promote the brand anchor text of your website by your website domain name or even by using naked URLs.

5. Establish expertise and authoritativeness

Google recently rolled E-A-T Framework it’s all the rage since then. Google will now begin ranking websites based on Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness. The author of the blog has to establish himself on the above metrics.

Which he will be able to do via do-follow link building in guest posting sites. With guest posting not only can you promote your author bio but more importantly you can also promote your social media profiles where you are already exhibiting expertise & authoritativeness. LinkedIn & Twitter are good choices in that regard.

6. Helps index links faster & gaining momentum in SERPs

Google indexes those links faster that have outbound links pointing towards it. Links that get indexed only those web pages will ever manage to rank.

If all the links from your website are indexed & are ranking then that allows you to gain great momentum in the SERPs. You will get a disproportionate amount of impressions & resulting clicks because of that.

7. Guest Postings inadvertently gives rise to natural link building

Guest postings allow you to rank your content higher in the SERPs sometimes you may even qualify for the featured snippet.

Content occupying 1st-page positions attract a lot of natural links. Because outbound linking is the best SEO practice. If you are writing content about “Social Media Marketing” then it only makes sense that you will need to do outbound link building for <social media marketing> if you google that you will find comprehensive guides by Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner & NeilPatel it is likely that you will hyperlink the keyword with their content. Now that’s how they attracted a lot of natural links.

Natural links are more powerful than any other links.

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