Here are some SEO mistakes to avoid in 2019

SEO mistakes to avoid
SEO mistakes to avoid

We are all aware of the fact that SEO is an ever-evolving digital marketing strategy. And those who practice SEO need to be on their toes and adjust to these changes. With plenty of SEO developments like algorithm updates, AI, Mobile first, Voice searches and more, the need of the hour is to devise new SEO solutions which are effective enough to reap a higher SERP ranking.

In the digital domain, SEO is one of those things which have become imperative for businesses to succeed. With SEO getting bigger and better with each passing day, it is presenting businesses more opportunities than ever to expand and evolve.

Ask any SEO service provider how to excel in this digitally savvy era, and they will vouch on mastering SEO skills. As we all know, SEO is nothing new, but with new updates coming out now and then, it has become essential for digital marketers to keep themselves abreast to the latest SEO trends. This also means doing away with the SEO tactics which you have been practicing till now.

With the year 2019 at its verge, let’s look into some most common mistakes we do as an SEO strategist, which is killing our SEO efforts.

Using plagiarized or duplicate content:
As a website owner, we all are faced with the problem of creating content for our website. Given how overfilled the internet is with information, some contents are bound to get duplicated or copied.

But in SEO and digital marketing, there is a great emphasis on unique content as it helps businesses to gain a competitive edge and make them stand out from the crowd. Gone are the days when search engines were more about quantity than quality when it came to content.

But not all businesses choose to create original content. They give little thought while re-purposing their content and do not deter from putting plagiarized content on the website. Doing so can be harmful to the website’s ranking as search engines are equipped with tools to detect duplicate content easily. To ensure a higher ranking of your website on SERP, avoid plagiarism.

Overstuffing the content with keywords:
Those who are into SEO marketing (or the ones with a little bit of SEO knowledge) know that keywords play a crucial role in ranking a page on search engine site. But only true SEO masters will tell you that keeping the keyword density to 2% is enough to rank your website faster on SERP. The latest Hummingbird, Panda, and Pigeon updates on Google have almost revolutionized how keywords are used by marketers. These updates have facilitated Google to show more accurate search results by allowing it to focus on user-relevance factor rather than keywords.

Do not ignore Local SEO:
Search engines have introduced local SEO
that lets businesses provide their location information and target audience. Google offers this service under a feature called Google My Business. Through this feature, the person making a search query gets information on a business or a service provider which is nearest to him. In recent times, it has become imperative for companies to provide information like business location, services, and user-related data to stay at the top of the search engine results page.

Not emphasizing on analytics:
No business should overlook the importance of analytics in SEO marketing. It is essential for marketers to keep track of their strategy and evaluate it from time to time. But not all businesses give significance to assessing their SEO strategy. The timely analysis is essential in keeping a check on the organic traffic, conversion rate, number of page views, and other metrics. With this information, businesses have a better chance of determining the success of the SEO strategy and devising new plans to capitalize on it.

Ignoring customer experience:
By now, most businesses know how essential it is for them to have a website. But merely having a website is not enough to rank higher on the SERP. User-friendliness of a website plays a crucial role in its SEO. When designing a website, keep in mind to make it incredibly user-friendly; simple; responsive; easy to navigate through; organized and optimized for mobile devices.

Only making SEO algorithm centric content:
The search engine algorithm keeps on changing with each passing day. Marketers always give importance to these algorithms when devising any SEO strategy. However, this doesn’t mean that your content should only focus on the algorithms only. The ultimate goal of any business is to attract more and more visitors. Thus, it is imperative for marketers to formulate user-oriented SEO Strategy.

Ignoring brand signals:
First, let’s understand what brand signals are. These are basically the indicators of trustworthiness of a brand. In recent times, brand signals have become a great tool for brands to build their authority with Google.

In SEO, it is a must for any company, whether new or old to create brand signals and generate its awareness.
One of the best ways of doing so is creating accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all.

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