Flexible Screens, Drones and Other Technological Innovations in 2019


Every year the largest manufacturers present new items of gadgets. In 2019, we expect many important updates that will significantly facilitate life and make it even more comfortable.

In January, the annual CES exhibition is held, at which the largest giants in the field of technology show their developments shortly. So in 2019 many gadgets were presented in Las Vegas, which were a real breakthrough.

What will surprise and delight us the coming year in the field of technology? In this article, we will tell you about the upcoming updates!

TVs with a flexible screen

Flexible screens have become the trend of this year. This technology has touched, first of all, televisions, and the first robin has already been presented. LG has introduced a novelty, LG Signature OLED TV R with a rolling mechanism.

It looks like a small nightstand, from which, by pressing a button, the display comes. It turns out that the screen rolls up like a roll, which saves space.

Folding smartphones

While such giants as Samsung, Lenovo, and LG only promise to release folding smartphones, the little-known company Royole has already presented news. Yes, at CES 2019, visitors saw the FlexPai, the first fully functioning flexible smartphone.

It uses Android 9 version and has excellent features. You can buy it now, but experts doubt that it has been fully developed for the convenience of users.

Samsung Galaxy F

Samsung has introduced news that has interested many – the first folding smartphone. This gadget will be folded conveniently from a large screen to a compact one.

The device is already ready for mass launch and will appear on store shelves in the first half of 2019. However, at first only in South Korea, the rest of the countries will have to wait.

Samsung Galaxy 10

In addition to relevant news, Samsung will also present the expected Galaxy 10 gadget. This smartphone was announced a long time ago, but it is still not known precisely how it will look and its characteristics.

It was released, as planned, on February 20, along with the Galaxy Fold, the first flexible smartphone from the Korean company. It is expected that the Galaxy 10 will not be very different from its predecessors.


Before the release of the new iPhone is still extended, but now you can get an idea of the gadget. It is already known that Apple leads the development of a flexible smartphone as well, but it will not come out in 2019 for sure.

New items will not be much different from previous models, except that they will be frameless and equipped with a cutout at the top of the phone. There is a possibility that the new iPhone will get a camera with an augmented reality module.

Augmented Reality Glasses

For several years now, the most significant manufacturers like Microsoft and Apple have promised to create augmented reality glasses that could be worn every day. At CES 2019, nreal glasses weighing only 85 grams were presented.

They look like regular sunglasses and connect to an external module with a weight of 170 grams. However, this is progress, because all the other glasses are more cumbersome!


Another new product from Samsung, which will be released later than their flagships, but in 2019. It is expected that the smartphone with 5G technology was presented at the exhibition in San Francisco on February 20, but the first announcement of the gadget appeared on December 3, 2018. However, after the release, it will be possible to buy it in South Korea and the USA only.

Walking vehicle

For two years now, Hyundai has been developing Elevate, a hybrid of a robot and a car. And finally, this new product was presented at CES 2019. This small car with four limbs, at first glance, is just an interesting but useless idea.

However, it is designed to work on natural disasters. Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods – the “legs” of the Elevate are created for climbing rocks and dismantling debris.

Robots for the delivery of goods

Services for the delivery of products are top-rated because more and more people prefer to order things, rather than go shopping. To solve the problem of workers in this direction offers Continental with the help of an uncrewed vehicle and robotic peddlers.

While robots are like robots, but the creators suggest that they will look like dogs. The concept has already been developed, it remains to modify this gadget, and perhaps it will soon go on sale.


Bell Company at the special exhibition presented a working model of uncrewed air taxi. This model is a contender for the role of an air taxi in the international Uber Company. Of course, already in 2019, the news is unlikely to become available and in general, will be released to the broad market and will receive flight permits. However, this is an air taxi, as in science fiction films so we will wait!

Quantum computer

Quite recently, quantum computers were an unattainable dream, like a calculator in the era of intelligent machines. However, a quantum computer for sale was presented at CES. IBM has shown a working model of Q System One, which has been created for several years.

True, such computers are interesting not for home use, but scientists and large companies. With their help, you can create artificial intelligence!

In 2019, technology has advanced significantly. Not all the presented models can be bought this year, but this is a definite breakthrough in the field of gadgets and technologies!

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