4 Essential Guidelines On Hiring A Professional Drone Company


Technology has transformed every aspect of life, this is according to aginginplace.org. It has also been the source of success for most people. Technology has made life in the current millennium easier than it was before. A good example is how photography has transformed. Currently, people can have a look at the ground from an … Read more

StereoLabs Shows How Its Jetson TX1-Powered Drones Can Crank out 3D Maps in Real Time


At a press event in San Francisco earlier this month, StereoLabs showed off the real-time 3D SLAM — or simulation localization and mapping — features of their StereoLabs ZED camera, the world’s first consumer accessible high-definition stereo 3D camera for depth-sensing. The camera promises to make creating a detailed three-dimensional maps as simple as tossing… … Read more

MJX Bugs 5W Review

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This MJX Bugs 5W Drone comes with Brush less Motor to ensure low friction during engine operation and reduce heat production. 2.4 Ghz Two-way Communication remote control to enhance distance control of the transmitter to 200-300 meters for the ultimate flying experience. High Capacity Battery makes the Fly time up to about 15 minutes on a … Read more

DJI is partnering with Axon to sell video-capable drones directly to cops

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DJI is partnering with Axon (the company formerly known as Taser) to sell DJI’s video-capable drones directly to police officers through a new Axon Air program. Through the program, Axon will serve as an easy place for police and law enforcement agencies to buy drones, providing access to Axon’s connected data network and Evidence.com services. … Read more

Top Best Drones 2018 Buying Guide

Karma 0 HERO6 Black

Drones with cameras are the apt photography tool needed to capture sterling images and shoot aerial videos that would ace any photography or video presentation. More so is when you get the best drones that could help to achieve the exact media delivery you want. Top Drones with cameras are devices that are needed in … Read more

DJI Racing Edition VR Goggles

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DJI Racing Edition VR Goggles DJI Racing Edition goggles for use with your drone make it feel as though you’re flying. These incredible VR goggles are like being in front of an IMAX screen as you see the world from the perspective of the camera on your drone. The racing edition goggles are a step … Read more

How To Get Involved With Drones


How To Get Involved With Drones Companies like DJI with their latest small and portable drones the DJI Spark and Mavic Pro are helping make this a possibility, but they are not the only ones doing this. Lots of smaller and lesser known companies, along with DJI’s main competitors … Read more on The Future … Read more