How to Fix MX Player No Audio Problem with These Easy Steps

Fix MX Player No Audio Problem

The majority of Android users do not like using the default media player in their smartphone and hence they search for an alternate online.

Most People say that MX Player is Best Media Player for Android Devices. But Sometimes, MX Player Stops Delivering any Sound. The mistake happens as a result of a lack of codec packs that are applicable in the File. Within this guide, you’re going to understand how to fix MX Player’s no sound Serious Problem by installing all the essential codec files inside.

MX Player stopped behind DTS and AC3 sound and you have to put in a customized codec to earn the participant compatible with sound encoding format. For this, you need to go through two phases of this procedure.

Phase 1: Recognizing the Version You Will Need

There are a number of variations of this custom for MX Player rather than what will work for you. It is mandatory to know. Follow the actions provided below for this.

You need to start the MX Player. On the corner of this program port, you will observe that a button. A menu is revealed by clicking on it. You will need to choose Settings from that point.

In the display that pops up is Decoder. Scroll down to the bottom and there you may see habit codec’s title. It may be x86 ARMv7 Neon, tegra2, tegra3, or neon.

Now that you understand that custom codec document you require, you have to download the customized codec file yourself. Below we’ve shared the customized codec download connection, you download and may go to the webpage. When choosing the package, you have to keep the edition of your MX Player in mind.

In the event you’re not certain of what you do, then you are able to go with the packed gift there. Have you been downloading the file that is a codec that is zipped utilizing pc? Then, transfer the same. Be sure to put it in the main directory of your storage.

Eventually, Follow the Actions given below to set up the habit codec on MX Player.

Measure 1: to begin with, you have to start the MX Player and hit on the more button onto the top-right corner of this interface.

Measure 2: In the menu that follows, select Settings>> Encoder. You will notice the screen.

Upon clicking on the choice, it’ll ask you. Simply direct the magician to the document you saved to the storage.

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When the installation completes, you’ll need to restart the MX Player for the working of DTS and AC3.

Now you understand how to set up custom codecs to mend issues, don’t you?

Should you confront any confusion, as I told you previously, it is possible to go with the pack. Do you have any suspicions? Thanks have a wonderful day.

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