6 Ways In Which Customized Android Apps Are A Boon For Your Business

Customized Android Apps

The Android OS is having the upper hand in the mobile app market with over 2.8 million apps registered on Google Play. This platform has seen its own rise and fall due to the enterprise-friendly nature of iOS. But Google has backed up its latest versions with exclusive enterprise-oriented features.

This is the reason why entrepreneurs are choosing this platform for developing enterprise mobility solutions. Let’s look at how it was introduced and in which ways it’s proving to be a boon for businesses.

How Android Enterprise Was Born?

Considering the popularity of Android devices among employees lower down the corporate ladder the tech giant Google came up with Android enterprise with the prime motive to make Android devices and apps all set to function seamlessly at the workplace.

The platform has made it much easier for Android programmers to integrate APIs into EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) and build intuitive solutions. Also, this platform supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) notion by letting professionals work in accordance with their convenience and preferences.

What Are The 6 Ways In Which Customized Android Apps Are A Boon For Your Business?

Android app development platform has four major pillars simplicity, flexibility, security, and scalability. Android app development companies are capable to build high-end business apps as it’s easy to set up a work profile which is different from personal Android apps. This is why it’s the top choice for BYOD execution.

Android enterprise allows programmers to build apps customized to suit specific business needs. Also, entrepreneurs can keep their crucial corporate data safe by controlling the access and washing out data in case the device is stolen or lost. Let’s explore the six major benefits of customized Android apps for businesses.

  1. Extensive Support From Google

Android is a brainchild of Goole and hence it’s blessed with extensive support. Developers can seamlessly integrate Android enterprise apps with major platforms such as Drive and Gmail. The tech giant has also provided support for iOS devices but it’s a bit difficult.

In addition, Android OS gets regularly updated by Google with new advancements in the fields of bug fixing, better security, etc. That’s why it’s considered useful for organizations for building advanced solutions and enterprise-grade apps.

  1. Seamless Customization In Accordance With Specific Business Requirements

Customization and flexibility are the two integral features of the Android platform which makes it better than its key competitor Apple. Entrepreneurs can modify their Android devices to suit their specific business models and routine tasks. Also, it’s extremely easy to tailor Android apps in order to modify features in comparison to their iOS counterparts.

These apps can be easily scaled to suit changing market or user requirements. Seamless customization lets you save time and money. Also, it decreases the Time to Market so that the apps can sustain in the dynamic and competitive marketplace.

  1. Allow Businesses To Get A Competitive Edge Over Others In The Same Domain

Considering the popularity of the Android platform there are higher chances that an Android enterprise app launched by an organization will become a hit in a short time. Also, it enhances the brand value for a business and let it connect with a wider customer base. These apps come power-packed with multiple business-friendly features that make them suitable for streamlining complex tasks for entrepreneurs and their employees.

  1. High Flexibility & Seamless Integration Capacity

Being an open source platform Android allow both device manufacturers and programmers to take advantage of its high flexibility. This flexible nature of Android OS provides developers with a golden opportunity to create apps for COSU (Corporate-Owned Single Use) or BYOD devices (Bring Your Own Device).

These apps can be seamlessly integrated to fit into the environment of industry and compatible to work in harmony with advanced technologies such as AI, VR, IoT, etc. In a nutshell, Android enterprise apps can provide companies with a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

  1. Flawless Performance On Multiple Devices

Android OS in incorporated into different devices but the programmers have managed to keep up the pace with constantly evolving technological sphere. Therefore, Android OS can function seamlessly on multiple devices.

In addition, due to the flexibility, a lot of device manufacturers have discovered ground-breaking features in their gadgets. For example, the Notification feature is an invention of the Android platform. Also, a water-resistant smartphone was launched by an Android device manufacturer two years prior to the launch of iPhone 7.

  1. Higher Scalability That Allow Easy Integration Of New Features

When designing an enterprise app, every entrepreneur has to give a thought about future needs. It’s possible that the app has to deal with more users in the near future, cater to elite users, or target a niche audience. In such scenarios, Android OS can be the lifesaver as its apps are extremely scalable and can be modified to suit changing market trends or user demands.

In addition, Java is the programming language that works in the backdrop of Android apps and it’s definitely a well-established platform among programmers. This is why a Java professional can easily customize these apps. Also, Kotlin which is the latest official language for Android development is similar to Java in more than one ways. Entrepreneurs don’t have to waste much time in finding relevant developers for doing normal tweaks.

Android is an ideal platform for building future-ready enterprise apps and solutions. Also, it makes it much easier for entrepreneurs to control a variety of devices at the workplace with a single enterprise mobility solution.

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