10 Best Android AR games of 2018


AR or Augmented Reality is not given the value that should be in the gaming industry. There are quite a number of Android-based AR games available in the market. Though the number of AR games is very few, you will not be disappointed with them. Every game that you come across in the Android platform is original and engaging enough not to get bored.

Let us have a look at some of the best Android AR games as per Devs Journal .

The Machines

Machines is perhaps one of the best AR games that you will love to play. Some of the highlighting aspects that make the game so popular include:

  • Excellently designed modern and high-end graphics
  • The sound effects are noteworthy. The closer you are, the sound effects can be made louder
  • The gameplay includes inbuilt game tactical skills and pre-battle team management

AR Dragon

The virtual pet games are not new in the Google App Store. But AR Dragon seems to bring you closer to the virtual pet to reality aspect than ever before. As time passes by, you will find that gradually your pet dragon is growing. You have to take care of your dragon just like you would take care of a baby and even feed it right on time.

AR Zombi

Playing the zombie game with all the AR features is what the fans have been waiting for for so long. AR Zombi completely takes you to the Zombieland with horror and survival. You have to guard your house against the endless zombie attacks. There are several tools and weapons that you have to use fighting against them.


If you love live action and quest games, Arise is a perfect choice. With the amazing AR features and original gameplay idea, Arise brings in the magic of logical live action. In the gameplay, you are in control over a small warrior. You help him to reach the pinnacle of a flying island.

Stack It AR

It is very simple, and easy to play the game. Furthermore, Stack It AR is very addictive in nature. You don’t need to have any specialized skills and knowledge to play the game. The game is also about building blocks more than other players in the competition. Beat everyone and boast your highest score on social media.

Conduct AR

Your goal is to achieve the title “the best conductor” in the 3D landscape. Avoid any kind of collisions by controlling the entire railway system in a responsible manner. This is a live puzzle game, where you have to fight for the claim. Moreover, Conduct AR is an easy game to play.


If you have played Pokemon Go, you will not find difficulty in understanding the gameplay of DIAMOND. Though it is not so popular, you can experience the same fun and thrill exploring the real world. Currently, the game is under the demo stage, and soon will be launched in the market.

Anti-Mosquito AR Game

This is a fun-filled automated AR game where you have to fight against the mosquitoes that are all around you. It is really a fun activity shooting down the mosquitoes with the help of a gun. If you want some relaxing time with your friends, this is an apt AR game app to try out.

Ingress Prime

Long before Pokemon Go became a popular name, it was Ingress Prime that brought the concept of playing outside leaving the homes. Players explored in the real world to get hold of the capture points and other rewards. The developers are planning to update their graphics and the entire gameplay as a whole. People have to play this game by moving, there is no solution to play this game on android devices officially. However, if you want to climb the ladder faster, there are Pokemon Go accounts for sale that can help you level up in your game.

Harry Potter-Wizards Unite

This is game is yet in the developing stage but will be available any time soon in the market. If you are a Harry Potter fan, the gameplay will definitely interest you. You can execute the magic spells on your device while you play.

The above mentioned are some of the Android GAPPS. You can download any of the apps or more as per your interest.

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