5 Stunning Applications of AR in the Entertainment Industry

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AR in the Entertainment Industry

Spider-Man: Far From Home and Avengers: Endgame has captivated the attention of the younger generation. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could simply get these superheroes off the big screen and play with them at your nearest multiplex?

Or imagine your favorite cartoon character popping out of the TV screen and suddenly sitting in your hand to start talking with you.

Augmented Reality (AR) is in action behind these scenes!

AR is leading the entertainment industry towards a more realistic, interactive, and immersive future. There are apps that let you turn your smartphone into a planetarium while looking up at the night sky as well as games like Pokemon Go! and others.

In this blog, you will explore how AR is making its way into different forms of entertainment like print media, films, gaming, and others. You will also understand why emerging businesses are vouching for AR development in their ventures.

Applications of AR in Entertainment

AR is literally changing the ways in which entertainment is delivered to the audience. Nowadays, entertainment is more about connecting with the mind of an individual rather than just stimulating his or her sensory organs temporarily. We’ll take a look at five applications of AR technology in different types of entertainment.

Print Media is witnessing a Digital Revamp

The adoption of AR technology by print publications like magazines and newspapers is changing reading habits for the better. Kids are developing an inclination towards reading newspapers due to their interactive form.

Through Augmented Reality, both additional content and functionality can be enabled in the print media. Currently, some newspapers and magazines have already enabled the option to buy tickets through the reader’s mobile phone. The leading newspapers can display AR-enabled advertisements to attract readers instantly.

The Future of the Film & TV Industry is Bright

Storytelling, in the form of films and TV shows, is becoming more customized and personalized.

To begin with, the new interactive TV devices can use AR to provide information customized to what the viewer is already watching.

Foreign TV shows and films can be given subtitles in real time so that they can be watched by a wide category of audiences. Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch lets users select options so that the story can go ahead.

The leaders of AR app development are planning to build AR hardware that can be controlled with the help of simple eye-tracking technology.

Passionate Travellers Can Relive their Memorable Journeys

Augmented Reality is offering passionate travelers the opportunity to craft new travel experiences and combine them with enriched cultural information. The best example of this is a museum where visitors use their smartphones or tablets to send text messages, take pictures, or post a status on social media.

AR has the potential to collaborate tourism, art, communication, marketing, and economics in a single application, which will prove advantageous not only to the Museum but also to the entire city that hosts it.

Music is Sounding More Melodious When Backed by AR

Augmented Reality is changing people’s perception of how they listen to music or access audio information.

AR earbuds have become a craze! Doppler Labs is developing and marketing its earbuds as “the first earbuds that come with Real-World Sound Control.” These tiny buds enhance the experience of listeners by creating an augmented layer on top of real audio and filtering out unwanted sounds (like background traffic noise).

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If we talk about the music industry then live concerts are set to make performances more engaging for the attendees. Some of the possibilities are the addition of lyrics or notations while the artist is performing, giving fans a chance to rate the performance or add a testimonial live.

AR is Disrupting the Gaming Industry Continuously

The wave of disruption in the gaming industry has not stopped after the launch of Pokemon Go. In fact, the AR-powered game opened the doors to a host of innovations in the gaming arena.

You can watch your favorite football team play in your living room while you cheer for the players. Moreover, any TV game show can be hosted at your home and you can compete with contestants in a virtual world.

When we talk about gaming, virtual reality (VR) has an upper hand over AR. However, the latter is an economical option comparatively and is being used by popular theme parks all over the world to attract visitors.

Final Words

AR technology can combine the best of reality and imagination to influence the future of the entertainment industry. The current trends are a clear indication that this industry is heading towards the adoption of mixed reality (MR) where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time. In the future, AR will combine different forms of entertainment to offer an experience that will make your jaw drop in excitement. Let’s wait and watch!

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