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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the future big thing for Samsung and the tech-savvy world. Also, there is already no shortage of buzz – particularly today Apple has introduced its new flagship, the iPhone X. Are both inclined to compare? Below information will help you learn concerning the Galaxy S9.


The working concept is that Samsung plans to launch a brand new top-end phone known as the Samsung Galaxy S9 at the first part of next season, we will go into more details on starting time farther down this page. The handset is expected to present several hardware and software updates, and perhaps even a new layout.

We have yet to observe any particular release date escapes, although some crucial clues have already emerged. It is not harsh to discern a definite pattern. The overwhelming bulk of Samsung Galaxy S telephone statements occur in either February or March and match Barcelona’s yearly Mobile World Congress tech tradeshow.

Likewise, the vast majority of real retail outlets occur in either April or March, so both are a safe bet. In May this year, Korea’s ” The Bell noted that Samsung is currently working on the Samsung Galaxy S9 beneath the codenames of ‘Star’ and ‘Star two’ – to denote the conventional and ‘Plus’ variations.

The article also notes that growth is ahead of schedule in contrast to previous decades, though it’s well worth taking that with a pinch of salt. In September, Korea’s The Investor stated that the screens being used at the Galaxy S9 would be prepared by November so that we may observe an earlier-than-usual launch. For instance, the Galaxy S8 started in March, with its screens allegedly having come in January. We can find the Galaxy S9 being prepared to launch when January or February in 2018 if Samsung follows a similar deadline.

As per a Sammobile report from late September 2017, Samsung has already started development on the firmware for just two Samsung Galaxy S9 versions. As an example, Sammobile is a professional Samsung blog which has an extremely accurate history for Samsung cellular leaks.

From these monikers, we are ready to differentiate the version numbers for another flagship Samsung telephones, also. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 in the codes termed as SM-G960, although the Galaxy S9+ will probably be dubbed SM-G965.

That is not a huge surprise; head; the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ utilized the version amounts SM-G950 and SMG955 respectively.

Additionally, it is worth noting that this past year, Samsung’s firmware growth for your Galaxy S8 started two weeks afterward. That means we might be visiting a slightly earlier launching for the Galaxy S9 next calendar year. That has already been rumored to be the situation, with previous escapes indicating we would see an introduction in February, along with also a retail launch very soon afterward. This was some interesting news and rumors roundup for upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.

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