Best antivirus software in 2018

Best antivirus software

Three Quick Tips Regarding Best Antivirus Software in 2018

Windows devices usually come with its native antivirus/malware software because one must make use of an antivirus software in order to be a safe windows user. Most users of other operating systems like Mac/OS X and Android believe they don’t require any antivirus software.

A number of Windows users prefer free antivirus softwares, but this is inadequate as it does not provide vital features which you can find in paid antivirus software. So, it is essential to grab premium antivirus software. The good thing is, they don’t cost a fortune.

The major purpose of all antivirus software is to block malwares from installing on systems; this isn’t always 100% possible.

How to choose best antivirus software in 2018

A few years ago a critical flaw was found in Mac OS 10.3 high sierra which allowed anyone to login as root, after typing root as username and pressing the enter button a couple of times.

A study by researchers from the Yale University discovered that a number of Android applications fingerprint and stored personal data unrelated to the application’s installation purpose.

Also, Google recently found and removed an Android malware called “Tizi” from the play store. The malware is still in the wild.

Premium antivirus software should be able to detect and patch zero-day exploits and flaws before they become mainstream by monitoring running processes, registries edit, encryption of files, and modifying browser settings.

According to the foremost UK based InfoSec testing lab, SELABS, the key metrics are:

-How antivirus software can detect virus using a traditional database of pre-known and common malware.

-How well the antivirus software prevents fresh from the wild malwares from installing and running.

-How soon the antivirus software cleans up after it has been infected by malware.

List of Top 3 Best Antivirus Softwares in 2018

Using the above metrics, these are the best antivirus softwares in the market according to

  1. Kaspersky Antivirus: This antivirus software is excellent for devices running on Windows operating system, it protects excellently against malware and phishing attacks. If your device is already infected with malware or ransomware, Kaspersky does an excellent work of cleaning up your system and returning your PC to default security state by fighting off the malware and healing off damages. It also has a virtual keyboard that keeps you safe during online banking transactions, ensuring that critical information cannot be stolen by hackers. It scans all incoming data whether through email, instant messaging, or USB drives. It has a gamer mode that ensures no distraction while you are gaming. It has the lowest false alert rank of antivirus softwares. It is perfectly fitted for the job of PC protection.
  2. Eset Smart Security: Eset NOD32 provides comprehensive protection by monitoring suspicious programs by their actions. It is good at combating zero exploits and malwares by monitoring their actions. It also provides excellent protection from online threats through its real-time file protection service that monitors downloaded files that attempt to run. It also has an online monitoring shield that prevents users from accessing websites with known threats. It also blocks downloads of malicious files as it examines files while they are still downloading. It also generates lesser false positives than most of its peers which makes it a dependable ally in the fight against viruses.
  3. Norton Internet Security: Norton Antivirus scans all incoming media and files for threats and ensures that you are protected on the fly. It has tools that go beyond virus protection. One of its most popular feature is its password manager that stores all usernames and passwords for online sites including banking sites. It also comes with a rescue disk that helps you power through and clean up if you are infected. Norton is also great at scanning and detecting threats though it appears to have more false positives than its peers which is the primary reason it is occupying position number 3 on this charts.

Good antivirus software is indispensable when it comes to online safety, above we have enumerated the three best antivirus softwares to keep you going even in the face of malware threats.

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