3 Best Monitoring apps for Androids

Android cell phone devices are very popular globally; the reason behind the record-breaking fame of the Android smartphone is its breathtaking features. People from every age group own Android devices no time ever before. Young kids and teens are the most frequent users; therefore they use social media and browse the different type of content on the cell phone gadgets. Anyhow, modern age parents are very concerned about the activities of young kids and teens on the devices. Therefore, they are searching for monitoring apps for androids. We have accumulated top three monitoring software for Android phones. Let’s take a look!

 TheOneSpy Android monitoring app:

It is one of the most popular Android monitoring app, it enables user to keep an eye on the activities of a target user on the smartphone device. Parents can also track the cell phone of young kids and teens along with the complete time stamp. It has plenty of robust features such as spy on messages, spy on calls, bug their phone, view multimedia files, internet activities, remotely phone tracking, GPS location tracking, keylogger, IM’s social media, and email tracking. The application can be used for parenting and as well as to monitor the employee’s activities in a business organization.

Norton Family Premier:

It has gained huge popularity in the world of parental monitoring services for Androids and it offers filtering tools. It allows user to get location tracking features and reports regarding the target cell phone device, also empowers parents to know what their kids and teens are up to on cell phone gadgets. Norton family premier allows user to get control over multiple features and on multiple devices. Parents don’t have to keep an eye on every single aspect of kids and teens while using the Android phones, but through internet filtering, app monitoring and location tracking features. These tools are enough to safeguard kids and teens. The user can also set age restrictions to the profiles on Norton Family premier and even very easy to attach to more than one device. It is arguably one of the best monitoring apps for androids in the modern age.

Phone Sheriff: Runner-Up:

Phone Sheriff is very handy and perfect tool to monitor Android phone devices. It enables a user to do the adequate job at monitoring such as tracking the web browsing, and digital media surveillance is one of the most important and effective features of phone sheriff tracking software. it empowers parents and keeps them updated while doing activities on the cell phone gadgets such as child texting and the app they use such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, WhatsApp and many others alike. On another hand, it’s the panic button that let your child and sends you a text alert regarding the exact location. The cell phone sheriff has set of tools, it allows user to view installed apps on the kids and teens Android device, and block the in appropriate ones. The user can set the restrictions with the help of its dashboard and on the device. Parents can monitor text messages, block people those strangers and connect with your kids and teens. You can track the location and last but not the least Geofencing enable you to discover the presence of your child in the specific area.


No doubt, all the monitoring apps are perfect for Android phones, but TheOneSpy is the best among all having perfect set of features.


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