What are the Best Pen Tablets for Photo Editing

Best Pen Tablets

If you are a professional photographer and are looking for a new photo editing tablet that comes with a pen or a stylus then we present you top 4 affordable choices in the category.

Usually, photographers feel that a 4 x 5 inches or a 6 x 8 inches tablet is good enough for photo editing purposes, but if you are very particular about greater details of a picture, then you should go for a 9 inch by 12 inch tablet, which will give you enough screen space to experiment as much as you want.

So, let us now take a look at 4 cool options here.

  • Wacom Pen: Any creative professional would fall for this kickass pen tablet, which incorporates many advanced multi-touch functionalities. You get everything right from going back and switching back to the present page to pressure sensitive stylus for great sketching to retouching and editing to painting in this all in one photo editing tablet. The medium size version of this laptop offer a good 48.4 sq inches to work on and it easily fits in all kinds of laptop bags and carry bags. There are smaller versions available also that are great for on the go photo editing works.
  • Wacom Bamboo Create: This is all about pressure sensitivity as it offers terrific 1024 levels of sensitivity, which is good enough for most kinds of work that people do on an editing tablet. The total work area is 8.5 x 5.4 inches. The functionality of this tablet is not just limited to photo editing, as you can even be more creative and produce stunning invitations, and greeting cards. It also offers multi-touch that helps in moving around various documents and pictures with great ease using zooming, flipping, rotating and scrolling functions.
  • VT PenPad Graphic: If you are a beginner then this editing tablet is highly recommended. It is actually one of the best ones for those who are just starting or even the children who love being creative. Students and amateurs will love the basic and simple features offered by VT PenPad. You can mark all your digital documents, write notes, navigate through apps, personalize your presentations etc. Just like Bamboo creates, VT also offers 1024 levels of pen sensitivity. You get a working area of good 6 inch by 4.5 inch. Try to make use of a software program like Arcsoft PhotoStudio 6 and your editing task will become real fun. This photo editing software makes photo editing simpler and an enriching experience. PhotoStudio 6 can also be used as a Mac photo editor and the good news is that VT PenPad is compatible with both Mac machines as well as PCs.
  • DigiPro WP5540: This is again an entry level tablet that is apt for beginners. This is certainly not one of the flashy devices and doesn’t offer many high end features but is still equipped enough to get all your basic and beginner tasks done. It comes with 512 levels of sensitivity and offers a total work place of 5.5 inch by 4 inch.

But, in any case, you should keep in mind that the overall screen for your input will be shorter by few inches compared to the actual dimensions of the tablet.

Author Bio – Larry Ridgeway is a technology freak who enjoys writing articles on different technologies, mobile devices, laptops, tablets and latest photo editing software. Wild life photography is his passion, and he loves to travel around the world too.

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