Transformation of Education with the Advent of Mixed-Reality


Technology is one of the most versatile and ever-developing tools known to man. The advent of technology has brought about revolutions and wars in the history of the world. The development of technology in the history of mankind has been amazing. There were so many iterations conducted just to perfect one small operation that can now be done in 2 seconds.

These days, technology is not just limited to robotics and industrial machines, it has also expanded into the fields of education and art too. There are certain Artificial Intelligence systems that are able to generate paintings that are similar to the paintings that were once created by great painters. In the field of education technology has had rapid growth. There have been innovations such as the smartboard, where the students or the teachers can interact with the videos and graphical movies that are displayed on the board.

In professional courses, such as B.E. and B.Tech. conducted in the top engineering colleges in India , students are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas that are either going to be new projects or an improvement on existing older projects. Encouragement like this allows students to bring out their creative and innovative ideas along with the implementation of technology. This also leads students to enter into fields of research and development of technology and machines.

If a student has an innovative approach and imaginative thinking, he/she can apply to colleges that train students in research and science. One of the colleges in India dedicated to studies in research is the MRIIRS (Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies). This institute is equipped with top-notch infrastructure and equipment in the laboratories that allow students to be involved in research and development.

Student innovations in India are also supported by government agencies like ISRO, where competitions are held and colleges can take part by enrolling students interested in research. ISRO conducts a competition where students with the best satellite design and the best use developed for the satellite get to make the actual model and launch it into space. These kinds of competitions not only allow students to get exposure in the field of research they are interested in but also provide them with experience and push their innovative thinking capabilities thus filtering out the best ones among the lot.

Another education-related technology developments are the development of mixed-reality classrooms. Mixed-Reality is nothing but the involvement of virtual and real worlds together to create an environment that is both magnificent and horrifying. Magnificent because people will be able to interact with a virtual environment without the use of keyboards and touchpads, horrifying because this means that there is no border between virtual and real. Another name for mixed reality is the hologram. With holograms, a person can feel the digital world at their fingertips. Scientists and researchers have been trying to develop this technology for a long time now, we have had a few advancements in what is considered to be parallel to a hologram but so far there isn’t any development towards it.

Mixed-reality classrooms are a revolutionary concept that will eliminate the classrooms that exist now. Students and teachers will be able to interact with the environment and understand the processes better as everyone will get a 3-dimensional view that can be manipulated as required. The current technology allows students to be in an immersive environment where they get to wear a special set of lenses and headphones and they will be able to see and hear the contents and feel like they are a part of that video.

Students in the top engineering colleges in India are working on projects such as mixed-reality classrooms which will then pave the way for the future of education. There are a lot of companies that are investing in people working on this technology and they are all determined to stay ahead in the game by hiring only the best people to do the experimentation and research.

Companies willing to invest in mixed-reality technology frequently conduct campus placements in the top research institutes of the world. Students who are innovative and imaginative have a greater chance of getting into these companies for research if they graduate from research institutes such as MRIIRS. Hence, it is important that students stay well informed about the facilities offered by the college and the companies that come to visit for campus placements. Having this knowledge will give them an edge to secure a good position at the company of their choice.

Technology is advancing rapidly and without being well-informed it will be hard to keep up with it. It is most important that students stay well-informed as they would certainly benefit from the information they are up-to-date with.

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