Top Tips To Start a Profitable Blog From Scratch

Tips To Start a Profitable Blog

There are many strategies you can find after a deep research on blogging, but I’m going to share some major tips through which you can become the best blogger.

Are you excited? Be excited because you’re going to learn many important key elements of blogging through which you can start the most profitable blog from scratch.

Well, here are some tips you need to follow to start the best blog;

Explore Yourself:

Me, I think a blogger should follow his interest. I know a successful blog only depends on perfect keyword searches, but according to me, you’ve to follow your interest first.

Think about what topic is easy for you or which thing inspires you then go for it

Niche Selection & Keyword Research:

If your interest isn’t perfect to start a blog, then you can do deep research through keyword planner, Ahref, and Keyword Finder and there are so many tools available in the market which can assist you to find the best keywords for your blog.

⦁    Try to find those keywords which have good research and low competition or you can go for medium competition.

⦁    You should choose only those keywords which are related to your selected plan. Are you confused? Let’s suppose! if you are going to work as a Google AdSense publisher and you’ve selected all affiliate-based niches, then It is also a big issue you’ll have shortly, so I’ll advise you to be definite about your plan.

Note: You don’t need to go for any other blogging platform, I’ll not recommend you any blogging platform except WordPress.

Domain & Hosting:

Are you new to the blogging journey? Before starting a website on WordPress, you need to buy a domain and hosting. I know it’s very tough to buy expensive hosting for a newbie so I’ll recommend you get a free trial hosting for 30 days. In that case, you can find good or bad factors about hosting. I think everyone should start their blogging journey with a free trial hosting at least for 30 days because you’ll get to know whether hosting is eligible for long-term blogging or not.

⦁    Find one of two words domain, and I think the domain should be related to the niche.

⦁    Don’t go for complex names, try to find easy-to-pronounce domains.

⦁    Avoid buying those domains which comprise numbers or symbols.

⦁    Top-level domains will be recommended by me.

Be Real & Regular:

I think if you are going to build up your future on blogging then you should be real and regular. You’ve to write your content daily and avoid copying someone because the content is successful if the content is real.

You can use canvas or any free tool and create thumbnails for your articles. You should take care of content creation. I think 24 hours are enough to prepare the best content for the blog.

Content is King

Social Media Presence:

Many folks don’t use the search engine, and they are ants of social media platforms so try to attach social media profiles to your website and share your all content on social media profiles, and It will give a good impact on your reputation.

I think you shouldn’t share your post in groups or in bulk quantity on social media otherwise your blog will be blacklisted forever so try to become mature on social media platforms.

Blog Optimization:

Well, page speed is the first factor of search engine optimization to follow, but I’ll recommend you optimize your blog because visitors can’t wait more than 60 seconds on any blog so don’t use animations or effects on your blog.

On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO is the term for search engine optimization; you need to follow some tips for on-page SEO. Do you remember? At the start of this article, I told you to do perfect keyword research. Now it’s time to use those keywords on your blog.

While writing the article, you need to add those keywords to your specific blog post. Don’t do keyword stuffing because that will harm your blog and its ranking.

Use image alt tags on your image because every search engine has its images engine, so If you add alt tags to your blog, then It will rank images of your blog too.

Interlinking all similar articles to each other will assist your visitor in finding related content, in short, I can say that you’ll get multiple page views and ranking too obviously.

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Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO is the term of the search engine, and It will assist you to refer your domain to other domains and IPs. Google Crawler or spider ranks any website based on content creation and the number of referring domains. Now there are many ways of off-page SEO through which you can link your blog with other domains.

I can provide you with some terms you’ll find to follow in off-Page SEO:

⦁    Blog Commenting

⦁    Guest Posting

⦁    Forum


⦁    Find the best keywords and trending niche that has high searches with high CPC (Cost Per Click).

⦁    Choose the best domain name (Related to Your Niche).

⦁    Before buying premium web hosting, you can go and check these free trial hosting sites.

⦁    You should write your content daily without any gaps.

⦁    Design eye-catching thumbnails for your blog posts that can attract visitors.

⦁    Follow SEO strategies that assist you in ranking your blog in search engines.

⦁    Don’t spam your blog by doing irrelevant blog posts, sharing on social media profiles, or creating backlinks in bulk quantity.

⦁    Don’t copy someone’s blog, be definite punctual, and kind to your visitors.

⦁    Before ranking don’t insert any ads on your blog. I think a blogger should insert an ad only when they’re getting enough traffic. In the case of adding an ad, make sure that the ad you are inserting is optimal and good in the niche.

(Recommended ad networks are Google AdSense and Media.Net)

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