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Trending Web Development Frameworks
Web Development Frameworks

Web Frameworks- A Brief Intro:

In the present day observation making a website is not about only coding and online presence. With time the world of web development is continually changing. Hence it has become important to understand in which direction their changes are mobilizing. With growth and evolution having an online presence is not enough to gain all benefits. To Win Customer’s attention, you have to apprised of latest trends and frameworks.

Your website’s future and the way it looks and works largely depend on nothing but exactly what you choose as a framework.

Web frameworks are designed to support the development of web applications such as web resources, web API, IT security in a short Framework ensure you to cover all the base operations that help you develop your application faster and smarter.

Nowadays, there are many frameworks available for you to choose from and pick up the most suitable framework can accelerate the process, while choosing wrong can cost you extra budget and time.

That’s why choosing the best framework according to your project requirement and complexity becomes one of the first and essential steps for your project development.

Below is the list of web development frameworks that are at popular peak in Web development

1. Ruby on rails:

RoR is a Modal-View-Controller framework, written in a ruby language, used by more than 826,000 websites besides its popularity it is, still free to use. Rails are easy to start and it is beginner friendly makes web development quite easy.

Website using rail – Airbnb, Github, Hulu, and Shopify, etc.

License & Latest version:  free software under MIT license (Rails 5.0.0.beta2)

Features of Ruby on rails:

  • Many tools & libraries to reduce development time
  • Faster & more efficient
  • Easy to create cloud-based services ( pixlr), social platform( ASKfm)
  • An easy solution to a complicated problem

2. Symfony:

One of the trustworthy and most stable PHP frameworks ideal to be used for the project with higher complexity. Written in PHP and used by more 9000 live websites.

Website using Symfony – Spotify, Trivago, Dailymotion, etc.

License & Latest version: free software under MIT license (Symfony 4.3)

Features of Symfony:

  • Fast development & reusable code
  • High speed, flexibility
  • Offers very convenient event dispatcher and dependency injection
  • Great documentation

3. Angular JS:

One of the most popular open-source javascript-based Front-end framework maintained by Google and popularly used to make a single web page application using MVC( Modal-View-Contact).

website using Angualrjs – Linkedin, Mallzee, e-commerce site, etc

License & latest Version: free software under Apache license ( Angular1.2.21)

Features of AngularJS :

  • Unit testable code
  • Use dependency injection
  • Provide reusable component
  • Essential kit for e-Commerce website design
  • Quick starter with fewer codes
  • Cross-browser compliant

4. React.js

One of the popular javascript-based library maintained by the Facebook community and supported by a large community of developers, popularly used for building user-interface for website application.

website Using React – Instagram, Facebook, eBay, Netflix, etc.

License & Latest Version: free software under MTI license(React v16.9.0)

Features of React.js:

  • Wide toolset mainly for E-commerce web development
  • One direction code flow
  • Used for both client as well as server-side
  • Freedom of action

5. Cake PHP

Cakephp is an open-source rapid web framework written in PHP and follows the MVC approach. the interesting fact about it is that your older project may be reused through it easily that in turn save a lot of time and money.

Website using CakePHP- Kelly sports, coconala, Vodafone, etc

License & Latest version: MIT license(CakePHP 3.8)

Features of CakePHP:

  • Comes with a set of Convention as guidance
  • It is secure, faster and stronger
  • Build-in tools for input validation, form tampering protection
  • & XSS protection
  • Perfect for commercial application

6. Asp.net

One of the most popular cross-platform, free framework build by Microsoft and used to create a rich and dynamic website with .NET & c++.

Website Using Asp.net– GoDaddy, Stackoverflow, Visual studio, etc.

License & Latest Version: free software under Apache License( .NET 4.7.2)

Features of Asp.net:

  • Fast and scalable
  • build-in user database support multi-factor authentication
  • Open-source & Active community

7. Node.JS

Node.js is a conventional open-source, light-weighted framework capable of executing javascript codes outside the browser.it can run a huge amount of data on multiple applications without any degradation in performance.

Website Using Node.js: PayPal, Yahoo, Opencare, etc.

License & Latest version: MIT license ( Node.js 12.9.1)

Features of Node.js:

  • client-side scripting
  • Scalable and super-fast
  • Asynchronous and event-driven

8. Yii Framework:

Yii is a fast, secure, object-oriented, Component-based MVC PHP framework. It is best suited for making applications that follow the rapid Application Development(RAD)concept.

Website using Yii: Amazon, Craft.dev, postmarkapp, etc.

License & Latest Version: Free platform Under BSD license( Yii 2.0.25)

Features of Yii:

  • Utilize Modern technology
  • Highly extensible
  • Encourages Testing
  • The easy data migration utility

9. Meteor:

Meteor is a free, open-source full-stack javascript based framework that enables fast software development.it allows rapid prototype and produces cross-platform-code.

License & Latest version: Free under MIT license(Meteor 1.2.1)

Website using Meteor: Telescope, HagleMate, etc

Features of Meteor:

  • less coding, less bug, high speed
  • Comes with library and packaged bundle
  • 24*7 developer support
  • Meteor’s effortless hosting

10. Laravel

Laravel is considered one of the best open-source PHP frameworks and consider the most important framework in building an e-commerce site.it follows the MVC pattern and based on Symfony.

Website using Laravel: Deltanet, cachet, Neighbourhood Lender, etc.

License & latest version: free under MIT License(Laravel 5.2)

Features of Laravel:

  • Oop Libraries
  • Dedicated dependency manager
  • Responsible interface
  • Automatic package Detection

The Bottom Line:

If you want to know the actual features of a particular Framework then you have to dive in and start playing with them. Whatever ones you choose to explore, first summarize your project needs and save time and cost on Web Development Services as every project comes with different functionality so there is no dead framework and you’ll discover all sorts of similarities among frameworks and there is a wide range of tutorials and example to guide you.

Let remind you that never go with only that framework that has the number of features, choose only on the merit of how particular framework utilized in developing a web application for particular needs. It seems as every framework has its army of the quality supporter who will happy to guide and support you to build a powerful website.

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