Samsung Level U Pro Review – A Collar-Style Wireless Headphone

Samsung Level U Pro

Samsung is the best and most renowned companies in the world. With every passing year, it tends to bring something new, full of unique features and excellence. Likewise, in August 2019, Samsung happened to launch “Samsung Level U Pro”, a total extravagance experience for those who want to stay in budget.

Since it is a new product and many would be looking out to read an unbiased review, we have done our research by not just reading other reviews but also using it our self.

Specification of Samsung Level U Pro

Speaker – 13 millimeters (dynamic/ 13 millimeters Piezo)

Battery – built-in 200 mAh

Standby Time – 300 hours

Available Colors – white and black

Weight – 45 grams

Size of Neckband – 135 millimeters

What Samsung Level U Pro Contains in a Box?

Well, it contains the following accessories in the box.

  • Cable for charging
  • Three (3) sets of ear rubbers (small, medium, large)
  • QSG


  • Sweat and water resistance feature
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Convenient to use
  • Compatible with Bluetooth devices


What Kind of Headphones Samsung Level U Pro Are?

Samsung Level U Pro is a noise-canceling headphone, which comes in a standard budget (Under 100 US dollars or 130 AU dollar) in a neckband style. If you have used SoundTrue of Bose you will be able to understand its comfort. Well yes, these headphones have buds that actually sit calmly without causing any pain (in the ear). Other features that captivate the attention of users is based on comfort, sound quality, and performance.

Let’s discuss them in detail…

Features and Unique Characteristics

With simplicity and uniqueness, a product can win the race of competition. Having said that we know the reasons why Samsung Level U Pro makes a mark in the market. Enlisted below are some of the main reasons as to why one can say that it is the best Bluetooth neckband headphones.

Synchronization with Other Devices:

First thing first it is a headphone that has the potential to sync with a smartphone or tablet. As we know Samsung is operated with Android, it doesn’t have any issue in connecting or pairing up with Android gadgets.


Headphones are used for multiple purposes. Those include everything – listening to audio notes or books, music, or even receiving calls.

Right Set of Buttons:

According to research, most of us are right-handed. That is the reason why these headphones have buttons like on and off, pause, increasing and decreasing of sound, a button for taking calls, etc. on the right-hand side.


Samsung manufactured them in a way that earbuds are solemnly magnetic. They clasp together in order to lessen clutter when the headphones are not in use.


These headphones are light in weight. So much so that even if they dangle on your neck, weight is not felt. That’s another reason for its success.

UHQ Audio:

It has UHQ audio standardization which completely supports Bluetooth with ultra-high quality (UHQ). In short, these headphones provide sustenance to the collection of Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Level App:

Samsung Level U Pro Wireless Headphones suits those best who possess Android smartphones. The reason being, they can make the most use of it by installing an application called “Level App”. It is good for Android users due to the fact that it facilitates advanced settings. That allows the user to get the feature of reading text notifications and monitor volume through an equalizer. These features enable users in the tweaking of sounds. 

Water Resistant:

Unlike standard Level U headphones, Samsung Level U Pro comes with a water-resistant characteristic.

Battery Life:

You can listen to back to back music for continuous nine hours (non-stop play). However, these hours lessen if the user tends to listen to music in higher volume.


Bass is not too highlighted. Vocals as in the mid-ranges get some treble push in the sound. Honestly speaking, it has an average sound quality which is fairly natural. Nevertheless, the good thing is that these headphones don’t distort at a very high volume. You can enjoy these full-featured Headphones in a budget of $100 from Amazon.

Last Verdict – Should Samsung Level U Pro Worthy Enough to be Bought? If Yes, Why?!

Samsung Level U Pro is that headphone which mostly serves Android users. But there are individuals who use it with their iOS smartphones too. So, if you are skeptical if you should buy or not, then we think you can give it a try for sure. The reasons are definitely based on the features that are mentioned in the article. Besides that, this headphone gives average sound quality, excellent application on Google Play Store, and a water resistance feature. All these constitute in the right purchase of a Bluetooth collar style headphones


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