Top 5 Popular JavaScript Frameworks to Learn in 2018

Popular JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript is a programming language that is used for developing web pages using HTML and CSS. It is an object-oriented, fast and light-weight programming language. With the right JavaScript training an individual can make the best use of the required JavaScript and can get the required perfection on the web and mobile apps. The available frameworks reduce the load of the developer by boosting the entire process of writing programs. The framework provides an instant response to the developers and thus saves a lot of time.

Popular JavaScript Frameworks for the Year 2018:

The popularity of the various JavaScript frameworks is increasing with every passing day. As a result of the same, many individuals are getting enrolled in some JavaScript course which can boost up their career. It is expected that the JavaScript framework will become more popular in the year 2018. Here is the list of some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks that one can learn in the year 2018.

  1. Angular. JS: It is the most popular framework of JavaScript that is used for developing single page web applications. The use of Angular. JS saves the reloading time of the website content along with helping in designing interactive and dynamic web pages. Angular.JS can also be used for developing desktop and mobile apps without many difficulties.


  • Quick and fast
  • Testing ready
  • Easy development of front end
  • Programming language is declarative
  1. React.JS: It is an emerging framework of JavaScript that is delivering promising results to the developers. Although, it is not a complete framework as of now but is still one of the preferred choices of the developers on which they can rely. It becomes very easy to develop dynamic and fully functional applications using React.JS.


  • It can be easily tested
  • Declarative programming language
  • Code can be reused
  • Quick and easy to use
  1. Node.JS: If the individual is interested in developing interactive and vigorous apps and want to come up with sites for streaming of content, then Node.JS can be his best help. This framework of JavaScript is well-known to be used for applications which require a lot of data interactions. Moreover, this framework can be used for getting the desired results while developing multi-user applications.


  • Same code can be reused
  • Have a rich client framework
  • It is easy to use
  • Offers simultaneous connections in multi-users applications
  1. Ember.JS: It is an open source framework for JavaScript which can be used for developing both large and small applications requiring data interactions. However, the developer should be sure that the applications must be developed with respect to the mentioned standard guidelines. The framework makes the best choice for developing a huge amount of code.


  • Delivers more stability
  • Less stagnation
  • Make use of light-weight attributes
  • It focuses on convention over configuration

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  1. Meteor.JS: This is an open source and free framework of JavaScript which can be easily implemented on both the server and the client side. This framework which is written with the help of Node.JS can be used in the development of native JavaScript web applications and mobile applications. This framework is one of the fast and interactive JavaScript which can also create real-time UIs along with managing the database, backend, frontend, business logic, etc.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Flexible and stable
  • It can even be used by the beginners
  • It uses just one language for development

Learning and implementing the required JavaScript course can be difficult if not learned from any well-known institutes like Koenig solutions. JavaScript frameworks are highly efficient and cost effective by being open source and hence one must get the right JavaScript training which can help in using these frameworks to their full potential.

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