Things To Know Before You Buy A LED TV

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Many marketing gimmicks include attracting the LED TV buyers with fancy mumbo jumbo which confuses the unbeknownst people into thinking of what, not about the LED TV brands in India they wish to purchase.

That’s why here we have created a list of things to know different television price list in India, including the leading brands offering LED at heavy discounts and great offers.

  • Decide The Watching Distance

Many best-LED TVs in India 2019 do come with astonishing offers and prices. But, what’s the first thing you must know is the size of the room where you are planning to fit the LED TV and the minimum watchable distance.

Advised by technological experts, on an average, television buyers in India opt for around 32-inch of the size of the television, which can be enjoyed by you and your family members within the distance of 4 feet. However, with 40 or 48-inch screens like provide by LED TV Sony, you need to be at least 7 feet away from the monitor or the screen.

  • LED Has Expensive Range

You need to aware of the fact that the LED television price list in India is expensive than the non-LED screens. You have to set your budget right before making the final purchase of an LED TV that you have been wanting to bring home and place in your favorite room.

For example, if you search Micromax LED TV price online you will see that the television sets ranging from the 40-inch to 43-inch are priced around 20,000-24,000 INR.

Similarly, LED TV prices in India under the Sony falls in the range of 43,000 INR to 70,000 INR for mere 43-inch to 49-inch LED TVs.

  • Choose Between HD & Full HD

In technological terms HD would mean 720p HD quality, whereas Full HD would give you 1080p HD quality. If you are considering money over the quality, which ideally you shouldn’t when thinking to purchase an LED television amongst the best-LED TV in India 2019, then a simple HD quality is best for you. Though, in reality, this HD quality is as similar to the normal quality you watch on the non-LED screens at your home.

Whereas, a 1080 px HD screen will give you an unparalleled experience of movies, video, games, music, news and much more. Some televisions do have a fantastic Dobly and other upcoming sounds enabled with full HD system as icing on the cake. But, do keep in mind that as you keep giving priority to the quality, prices are bound to rise amongst the different LED TV brands in India.

For example, Sony 55-inch has Ultra HD or 4K pixel image quality, which is the topmost in the market currently. This LED TV Sony is a smart TV as well, providing the space for users to connect their smart apps with the television to watch whatever they want and whenever they want. A simple Wi-Fi connection does the trick for most users. And the LED TV price in India for this set is Rs. 1,04,500 approximately.

  • Do You Want A Smart TV With LED TV?

Smart TVs are causing rage in the technological market for technology-savvy users apart from the simple full HD LED TVs. The demand from the user end is increasing to keep on inventing new systems, mechanisms, and add-ons for their personalized LED TVs.

To meet such needs, smart TVs have been incorporated with the best-LED TV in India 2019. Brands like Samsung can be sought if your pockets are beginning to demand attention and you don’t want to stretch your budget.

As a leading example, you can search for Samsung LED TV 32-inch full HD price list online and you will see that Samsung’s LED TV are mostly Smart TVs. And what goes into a TV to be a Smart TV is that Wi-Fi connection and other multifarious capabilities for young generations specifically who can connect their own devices and own apps to the TV and not be dependent upon the traditional channels provided by the service provider.

The Samsung LED TV 32-inch full HD price list falls around Rs. 40,000 for the best of your knowledge. If the price list and the features are impressive for your current and future entertainment needs, you can jump on the bandwagon like others in today’s time and purchase a Smart LED TV.

  • Crosscheck About The Primary Source Of Content

Do you want to be connected to the service provider for the main source of your television content or you will feel at home and at ease with complex add-ons like HDMI, pen drives, other connectivity spots, Wi-Fi.

The more content connectivity the LED TV brands in India provide, the more will be the cost. Again, the question here arises while deciding the best television set—under the reasonable television price list in India—that do you want to give priority to the content or the quality or the budget. These 3 pillars do boost your sound decision for the best entertainment source in your home.

One of the best examples for greater connectivity is the Micromax LED TV, the price of which is falling under Rs. 10,000- Rs. 15,000 only, currently. A Micromax 102cm (40-inch) Full HD LED television is costing around Rs 15,000 now with features like 2 HDMI slots and 2 USB slots. This set actually has a 1-year warranty and A+ grade rating as well. As a matter of fact, with 20W speaker output, you can get the party on Friday and Saturday nights at your home.

  • Check Whether You HaveThe Picture Settings Enabled For A Full HD LED TV.

This is one of the crucial steps to know before even considering the best-LED TV in India 2019, i.e., you need to make sure whether the service provider which you have already talked to, provides the full HD content or not. Or else if you are planning to watch videos on online platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, you need to tune into the picture settings to adjust the pixels according to the leading features of the television sets like LED TV SONY brands. You will get fantastic LED TV prices in India with competing brands like Sony, Micromax, and Samsung throughout the year. Though, the best way to purchase your favorite LED TV is to follow what has been mentioned above and to ask the reviews from your loved ones who have been using LED TV brands in India for a better insight.

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