Things to know about Upcoming 5G network Introduction

5G Network

In the age of high-speed internet and spectrum internet, the struggle to attain the best technology for mobile communication and fast internet is fierce. With being 4G LTE already in our palms, now telecommunication giants are preparing to welcome the new software-defined network “5G” sooner than we think. Australian Telstra network has already started its trial Wi-Fi hotspots on Queensland’s Gold Coast on 28th March of this year.

Previously this year South Korea brought the first 5G network experiences to the Pyeongchang Olympics venue. South Korea is already the first host of the commercial 5G networks officially in the 3rd quarter of 2019. It is planned to be named 5G NR (Near Radio).

The original speed of the 5G will be much higher than the 4G however, the exact speed is unknown and the known speeds are just theoretical because technically 5G does not exist yet.

Features of 5G

The most important feature that is expected from this network is fast response time. This is one of the main needs of the currently used technology. If this technology is successfully utilized then we will get the ability to modify and improve network-enabled self-driving cars shortly with more efficiency. You can use a spydialer to get information from anyone.

5G technology is a software-defined network rather than hardware-defined as its predecessor technologies. It will be operated with cloud data technology which is speedier and latency-free. We will achieve the best mobile internet experience equivalent to the spectrum cable standard internet that is now in use by many. The latency-free cutting-edge technology will also help in improving the VR experience with live streaming.

Another important feature that will be the story of the success of this network will be its “Network slicing” capability which will allow you to create multiple logical networks to improve network shared experience and improve flexibility, this will take place within the same common shared physical infrastructure.

Hurdles in the way of 5G

Currently, many tech giants and business markers are studying how to use this technology efficiently use in business. However, bringing this technology is a big concern because it will completely revamp the current business model of telecommunication companies.

To do that a huge cost is required to get ready for the change. That’s why many telecommunication companies are hesitant to take the first step in its arrival. Due to this issue, 5G technology is expected to take more time to be completely usable by everyone. At the end of 2025, it is expected to only reach 50% of the world’s population of internet users.

Regarding 5G technology, scientists have raised concerns about the upcoming technology and the potential risks of increased exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the theories of many critics. Scientists also created petitions against the hasty launch of the network without further studies and its effects on humans.

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