The Most Popular Types And Categories Of Mobile Apps And Tools

Categories Of Mobile Apps,Types of Mobile apps

When it comes to apps and tools on the internet to use there are actually there basic types of apps. Within these broad categories of apps you will find almost all types of apps that include educational and business apps, travel and entertainment app, music and any other type of app.

The apps developers are always on the lookout to create newer and better apps that will help the users to perform their day to day activities in a far better and faster manner. All these apps are created with utmost care and proficiency so that it not only caters to all the demands of the users but also offers customized results. As a result the app development business seems to be the most lucrative business in these modern day and time.

Ideally, the three types of apps that are found on the market include:

  • The native apps that includes iOS on Objective-C or Swift, Windows Phone on Net, Android on Java
  • The hybrid apps that works equally well on all types of platforms such as Ionic, Angular Mobile, Xamarin, React Native, and Sencha Touch and
  • Web apps that are considered to be the most responsive versions ever created that works well on any given type of mobile device.

All these apps have different types of uses, purpose and application but the sole objective of all is to make the task of the users far easier and more convenient.

The native apps

These apps are exclusively designed for a single mobile operating system. It is for this reason that these apps are called native when a particular platform or device is concerned. These apps work equally well for systems like:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows phones
  • Symbian and
  • Blackberry.

These apps cannot be used on any other platform other than its own. That means in other words you will not be able to use an Android app on an iPhone.

The primary advantage of these native apps is its high level of performance. It also ensures that the users have a good experience just as you will when you visit or any other similar sites for that matter. This is because the app developers use the native device UI while creating such apps.

Moreover, when it comes to the accessibility factor across a wide range of Application Program Interfaces these apps seems to putno limitation on the usage. 

  • All native apps are accessible distinctly from different app stores of its kind.
  • It is also proved that these native apps have the ability to reach out to target customers with a clear tendency.

However, just as all coins have two faces the downsides of these native apps include its higher cost as compared to any other types of apps.

  • This is due to the fact that these specific apps need a duplicate app to be created for other different platforms as well as a separate support.
  • In addition to that different types of native apps require different types and levels of maintenance.

All these factors result in a much higher product price as compared to all other different types of apps available.

The hybrid apps

On the other hand if you consider the hybrid apps, these are built using a multi-platform and more innovative web and app development technologies. For example a developer may use any or all of the following advanced and sophisticated technologies such as:

  • HTML5
  • CSS and
  • Javascript.

It is for this reason that these hybrid apps are also called the website app that are mainly disguised in a native wrapper.

There are a few specific and usual pros and cons that the apps possess that are characteristic to both native as well as web mobile apps.

As for the pros of the hybrid multi-platform apps it includes:

  • These are comparatively easy to build
  • These are faster to develop
  • These apps provides the users with a clear advantage
  • There is a single code base for all different types of platforms
  • These apps ensure lowcost maintenance and
  • These apps provide much smoother and faster updates.

Some of the hybrid apps that are most extensively used include gyroscope, geo-location and accelerometer.

As far as the downsides of the hybrid apps are concerned on the other hand, these apps lack in performance, optimization and overall speed as compared to the native apps for example. In addition to that, in a few specific designs of the hybrid apps there are a few issues found regarding the ability of the apps to look in exactly same way on two or more different platforms.

The web apps

The third and last category of mobile apps is the web apps which are ideally the most sophisticated and multipurpose software applications. These apps are typically known to behave in a much similar fashion as the native apps.

  • The web apps are known to use a browser that helps them to run effectively.
  • In addition to that, it is also known that these apps are in languages that are similar to the hybrid apps such as the HTML5, JavaScript or CSS.
  • These web apps typically redirect any user to the desired URL and at the same time it offers the “install” option with the help of creating a bookmark to thepage simply.

The web apps need the least amount of device memoryas a rule which is the most significant benefit of it. When it comes to saving personal database on a server, the users typically gest and easy and faster access regardless of the type of device used by them. They can have an access whenever they have a stable and strong internet connection. It is for this reason that when a user uses a web app having a poor internet connection typically has a bad user experience.

The drawback of the web apps relates to its access that is limited to geo-location and few others and not to that many APIs for the developers. Most of the data needs to be loaded from a server and the performance is based on the browser link work and the network connection.

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