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Every company has employees that respond to phone calls from clients, customers and potential users of service. Sometimes callers can find it difficult to reach the company if the employees are away from their work desk. When employees are often on the move, it may take quite some time before they check all messages and return back calls. This can be a problematic thing in many professions. For example, doctors, salespersons, realtors, technicians, inspectors, business managers and so on are constantly on the move.  

What You Should Not Do

If you are involved in some of the mentioned professions or you have employees that are frequently on the move, then one thing you should not do is give away personal phone numbers. This is not a good idea because your phone might get flooded with messages and calls at any time during the day or night. Your free time might get disrupted and you would not be able to focus on anything. Another thing that should be avoided is by providing your employees with company mobile phones. Although this is a bit better solution than giving away personal phone numbers, calls can still disrupt their activities with frequent phone calls. Also giving mobile phones to employees can be costly, depending on a number of gadgets plus phone subscriptions, etc.

Best Solution to Use

The answer to all the abovementioned problems is getting mobile PBX by a reputable provider. This feature will integrate your phone number or employee`s phone number with the desk phone. When you activate mobile PBX, both phones will ring at the same time when someone calls the office phone. You can easily transfer the call from mobile to desk phone, add extensions or use voicemail for answering. This service can also be used for making and receiving international calls without paying expensive charges.

There are plenty of advantages that come with the mentioned system. When you make the calls, only the company number is sent through the Caller ID. All calls can go through a switchboard, calls are easily and simply transferred to mobile phones, employees have full control over when they will receive the calls on their phone, power outages cannot disrupt anything because calls are using VoIP service, and finally – all private numbers remain personal and hidden from clients.

If you use a mobile PBX system for work, employees will be more productive as the calls will be processed in an easier and faster way. This system allows you to take much better care of your clients so your company will become more efficient and productive as well. If you are thinking about the top solutions for your office and work, there is nothing even close to this solution. It is simply a must-have solution for any office that takes calls from customers and has many callers. Consider the things mentioned here and go for a good solution from a reputable provider. You will definitely be satisfied with all the options provided and your business efficiency will increase significantly.

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