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Commercial Exteriors and their Design: A New High Touch Impact

Commercial Exteriors

The architectural design of business and residential interiors is present to address the needs of the client. There is also extra focus placed on exterior structures and their features. The idea is to use both mediums of creation and create something with strength and purpose. In 2019, designers and creators … Continue reading

How do you move up in a UI industry fast?

UI Industry

User Interface or User Experience is becoming one of the most important aspects of the success of any technological product. The UI of a product is regarded as the face of the product. It is the point of contact of the users, in other words, it is the place where … Continue reading

8 Mobile App Design Tools that Inspire User Experience:

Mobile App Design Tools

User experience is concerned with designing for people and is concerned with how users use things, whether it is an application, a website or certain software. Talking about Mobile applications development Services teams place efforts to create designs focused on human behavior and how users are predicted to react to … Continue reading

Coding for Kids – Game Design Animation Software

Coding for Kids – Game Design Animation Software – Ages 11+ – BETTER than Scratch or Minecraft Mods- Learn to Code Real Javascript – Fun Computer Programming Projects and Video Gaming Logic (PC & Mac) Give your children a leg up on the future with a fun, engaging way to … Continue reading

YD JOB ALERT: Ammunition Group is looking for an Industrial Design Intern

Ammunition Group was founded by Robert Brunner in 2007, after having led the design team as Director of Industrial Design at Apple (he was succeeded by Jonathan Ive), and having been a partner at design powerhouse Pentagram for nearly a decade. Ammunition’s reputation precedes it as the company went on … Continue reading

New Design Resources Now Available


It’s never been easier to design apps for Mac and Apple Watch. The Human Interface Guidelines now include a full set of essential AppKit UI elements for designing Mac apps in Sketch or Photoshop, as well as dozens of new UI elements for watchOS apps, watch face templates for designing complications, … Continue reading

How to Get Client Feedback on Your Responsive Website


Feedback is very important for any business or website. It is helpful in any phase of your website whether it is designing, implementing or operating. If you want to get quick, meaningful and reliable feedback from your customers. You need to adopt different strategies or provide such an environment where … Continue reading