How to Get Client Feedback on Your Responsive Website


Feedback is very important for any business or website. It is helpful in any phase of your website whether it is designing, implementing or operating. If you want to get quick, meaningful and reliable feedback from your customers. You need to adopt different strategies or provide such an environment where they do not hesitate to share their feedback.

Tips and Tools for Getting Client Feedback for Your Website

It is recommended to ask a clear and straightforward question. If you will not do this your feedback survey will not help you to bring improvements. Do not ask any question in the feedback that is based on guess or assumption.

Straightforward questions that are helpful for you while taking feedback on your website include:

  • Whether the background video disturbing or distressing?
  • Is the CTA clear properly?
  • Does the color scheme feel right to you or is it too loud? Too dull?
  • Does the overall theme of the website be suitable for the text?
  • Is the white space justified?

There are different methods through which you can get your customers to feedback related to your product and service on your website.

  1. Get customer feedback with contact forms & email

As this is ideal and favorable for many businesses hence it is inconspicuous but informative. If your business dealings with the customer via email or promote your product here you can extract different useful information. Keep focusing on:

  • Be responsive. Reply to your customer ASAP so that they feel you give him importance and priority.
  • Properly arrange customer feedback either it is negative or positive.
  • Engage your customers. Through email, you get to connect with your customers more personally and ask the question that is important for your business. email conversation create a better understanding and it helps you to clearly and better understand your customer point of view or feedback
  1. Get customer feedback by reaching out directly

Making a strong relationship with your customers is what marketing is based on. When you make a loyal relation with your customers. They feel freer and compelled and a better response to your feedback. Direct conservation with your customers can help you to better understand your customer needs, their buying behavior. Also, do not limit your product and customer feedback geographically. Because the nature of customer and its feedback also depend on their environment or society in which they live.

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  • Get customer feedback with social listening (AKA social media monitoring)

if your Research and Development department is not tying with the marketing department then maybe your business face risk at the end of the end because your product is unable to hit the target market. So for the purpose to avoid this problem it is essential to listen to your customers and find out why they want.

There are some social listening tools available in the market such as Radian6 and Brand24 that help you to find out what your customers talking about your product or service all over the world.

Also, do not hurt when you receive any negative feedback. It is more important than positive feedback because:

  • Get customer feedback with surveys

One of the most effective methods to get feedback is with the help of surveys. Conducted different types of survey in a different geographical position. The survey will clearly find out the root cause.

This approach to getting feedback is not new. The important thing while the conducted survey is organized your survey questions more effectively or in such a way that it collects all the required information that you want to achieve after a particular survey. Few things that need to be considered while conducting a survey is:

  • Effortlessness is key
  • Be concise on what you want to ask. Ask one thing in one question.
  • You’re rating scales and option must consistent in all questions.
  • Decide what type of survey you conduct: short or long.
  • Write complementary thanks at the end of the survey form.

For an online survey, there are many tools available on the traditional platform for conducting a survey is Survey Money. Survey anyplace provides a modern experience to the customers due to its creative design. Normally the university students’ Custom Writing Service or some company also used Google form to conduct an online survey.

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