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The countless books – and tens of thousands of articles similar to this – makes you appreciate the significance and relevance of brand identities in company advertising. Regardless, it is a paradox and alarming that brand managers have mostly failed to see that the brand identification contest is more than simply having persuasive trademarks and designs on some packaging, stationery, business vehicle, and signage. The writer considers that there are ten identifying elements that constitute a detailed and topnotch identification system. An understanding and proper application of these elements will assist you to overcome corporate obscurity pants down and place your brand for lasting success. Starlinks.au.com is one of the up and coming logo design agencies of Perth, and are stellar examples of all of these qualities.

Brand Identity and the Logo

Just as a person’s personality goes beyond his/her name, a brand identity goes beyond the corporate logo that most graphic designers and corporate executives have erroneously and only attributed as their corporate or brand identity. This failure, however, permeates through and rubs off on that the whole business, and restricts the prosperity of such brands. Successful brands are persuasive, well-positioned, marketable and most importantly, comprehensive. They extend beyond simply their brand names and logos.

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Without thoughts, only a few Nigerian manufacturers come to mind in this class – GTB, Cadbury, Glo, Unilever, Indomie, Vitafoam, Fan Milk, and UAC. What then are the 10 identity components which make of a complete brand identity system as identified by the writer?  


The manufacturer’s name is what the brand is called. It identifies a service or product and the organization behind it. The name is the commonest element and the starting point of a manufacturer identification system. Customers spontaneously relate with a manufacturer name easily more than anyone of the other brand identity elements.

Smart companies give their manufacturer names the many professional attention it deserves.


A symbol, sign or an emblem that represents the visual image of one’s business. It identifies your company in its simplest form. In a world where images are more appealing, it is worth having a visual frame of reference.


Brand colors are a great way to connect with your audience in an emotional way. The most outstanding brands are defined by their color. Think of GTB’s dominant Orange, MTN’s yellow, Facebook’s blue, and GLO’s green.


A typeface is a set of characters that share common design features. Compelling manufacturers would be consistent in that the use of typeface on each business stationery, and in each business communication including advertising. There are hundreds of typefaces to select from – Arial, Garamond, Calibri, etc.


Grossly ignored from many, that the office environment tells more of the kind of organization a client or client is dealing with.

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