Benefits of Obtaining a Trademark

Obtaining a trademark isn’t always an easy process, but it can actually be well worth it in the end. There are many benefits to working with a trademark attorney Phoenix and going through the process of obtaining a trademark.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a type of intellectual property that is a symbol, word or words legally registered by use to represent a product or company. This could be a logo or a slogan. A trademark lasts for ten years and needs to be renewed to be effective. When obtaining a trademark, you must have a United States license attorney to represent you.  

Benefits of a Trademark

If you are looking to protect your brand and business, you should consider registering for a trademark. Federal registration with the United States Trademark and Patent Office will give you national protection, which is going to grow your business and expand your brand. With a trademark, you will worry less about someone stealing your brand and it will also help prevent additional issues from arising.

A trademark is going to prevent others from using a similar look, which will prevent confusion over mistakenly identifying a brand. This can also save you money by easily proving you aren’t the one that was stealing.

A trademark will also give you recognition and notice of ownership, which will grant you all of the rights. This is the best way to always protect your brand.

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Benefits of Working with an Attorney

Even though you must work with an attorney to obtain a trademark, there are many benefits to speaking with one before you even go through the process in addition to having one during the process, and even one on your side well after. An attorney will provide you with valuable advice, before, during, and after obtaining a trademark. Before going through the trademark process, they will help you conduct a thorough search to ensure a trademark isn’t already in place to avoid rejection.

An attorney will walk you through the steps of filing the application for a trademark, which can be done online. Keep in mind, this can take 10-18 months to officially be completed, so you want to do it right the first time. After you obtain a trademark, an attorney will be there for you if you need to bring forth a case regarding your trademark.

Parsons and Goltry

When looking for the right trademark attorney, Parsons & Goltry has the experience to guide you through the trademark process. Their legal team represents businesses to ensure they are protected. With years of experience, they have specialized in intellectual property and are proud to have an outstanding track record. At Parsons and Goltry, they always present logical, yet aggressive arguments, while being there to counsel you, represent you, and help your brand succeed.


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