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Web Host can affect your SEO

Nowadays, every business owner is trying to optimize their website and adopting the techniques of SEO. However, things like keyword research, link building and site structure optimization are the basic elements that every webmaster implement on their website. SEO requires a lot of hard work and efforts.

In this article, we will talk about one of the particular aspects of SEO and that is frequently overlooked. I am talking about selecting a web hosting provider and this plays an important role in the success of your SEO.  Let’s start!! Take a look at how hosting provider can affect your SEO.

#1 Server security:-

Websites play an important role in your business. Not only for your customers, but also for Google rankings. A secure website works well in all aspects and gives better output. But on the other hand, if a website is not secure that will harm your rankings in a countless way.  There are n numbers of ways that affect your rankings for e.g., websites that penalize from Google or receiving attacks, low-quality links, bad hosting providers, etc. In short, if visitors or hackers got an idea of your security flaws then it will affect the traffic and branding of your website.

Being a website owner, you must have tried to protect your website from your end,  but it is always suggested precaution is better than cure. In such situation, SSL certificate installed on your website plays an important role in terms of providing the security and protecting your website. If you are running an online business website then make sure you get an SSL certificate installed on your website.

However, it is always better to opt for Best Dedicated Server Hosting In India . As most of the web hosting providers offer free SSL certificate in their plans by default. Always check the security term before opting for any plan of dedicated hosting.

#2 Server Location:-

It is noticed that location has become a huge element in Google’s ranking algorithm. Google gives first priority to location based information even though the search is not a local search.

For e.g., if a person is making the search within India, the websites located on Indian servers are more likely to get to the top. Which means Google will give more weightage to co.in website, instead of .com. A search result will probably not show the results from another server location.

In the past, most of the hosting provider used to depend on a top-level domain to resolute the site location. But moving with the latest technology, they have started depending on IP address as it delivers more specific output. This is beneficial for the searcher who is looking for an exact result from different locations but this will affect your business if your server location is different.

Therefore, select the server location as per your target audience and opt hosting provider who has servers located in the same country. This will add more advantage to your business.

#3 Server performance:-

Last but not least, server performance is considered as an important factor. A server performance includes speed and downtime of the website which may affect your user experience. Generally, Google takes such activities very seriously and often punish such websites that have slow loading speeds, as well as sites that bear downtime. Most of the hosting provider offers a high percentage of uptime and the only thing you need to do is select the best hosting provider for your website.

Even though you improve the web design of your website to get a high speed of the website. But if your server is not working properly, then it will affect your website speed and search engine ranking. Therefore, it is suggested to select a best web hosting provider to get better server performance. At the end, search engine appreciates the sites that offer valuable information effectively.

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    Stanley Poter

    Nice Share!!!

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