New Samsung Galaxy smartphone with double-sided display

Samsung Galaxy smartphone with double-sided display

The calendar year 2017 has been a year where the manufacturers reinvested in the design giving their products new looks. Over time, smartphones looked more or less exactly the same as they relied on exactly the same concept of single glass block wrapped into a metal frame.

The technology changed entirely in 2017, the year found redesigned smartphones with thin or bezel-less front by trimming the top and bottom chin or the meat onto either side. The phones once considered “Phablets” are now designed to fit in the typical size body reducing the human body size but maintaining the huge screen aspect ratio. 2017 saw an increase in screen sizes and a reduction in body dimensions.

Further, double camera setup spread like wildfire and soon formed the tendency that was embraced by the majority of the cell manufacturing Companies. The year also observed falling manufacturing costs but overall improvement in high quality and performance. The devices got equipped with powerful corning gorilla eyeglasses along with IP67 and IP68 Certificates making them water resistant and dust resistance.

The RAM capacity which was formerly limited to 2GB maximum and believed as powerful got jumped to 6GB RAM, now accepted as the very least. While for the storage department, you may get 32GB or even 64GB at a price of last year’s 16GB model and having an option of unlimited cloud storage for storing high-res memories – Photo or Video.

But it seems not enough in gadgets world and looks like Samsung is working on Galaxy smartphone with a double-sided display.

An innovative business like Samsung includes plenty of design ideas. Especially today that the age has come of innovative screen techniques and foldable digital devices. The Korean business would like to innovate in the two regions.

Recently sketches of the bendable Galaxy X, along with not much later discovered folding tablet and another foldable smartphone from Samsung were leaked. Additionally, we stumbled upon a 180˚ curved screen. Anyone who believes we’ve had all of the layout variations is incorrect because a beautiful new layout for a smartphone which reminds of a radical Galaxy Note has just been discovered.

Samsung Galaxy smartphone with double-sided display

Double-sided Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

The patent was published recently in the database of the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office). On the other hand, the petition dates back to September 2, 2016. The initial Korean certificate was even asked by Samsung display in October 2015.

The patent includes little text, but the 10 graphics speak for themselves. Forget about the 180˚ curved screen, Samsung goes one step farther with this particular design. The touchscreen display runs all of the way into the back of the smartphone. Nearly half of the back is made up of screen, on which at least program icons may be shown.

Samsung Galaxy smartphone with double-sided display

Incidentally, it’s also not the first time that we came across a touchscreen display on the rare of a smartphone. Back in July 2017, Meizu introduced the dual-screen Guru 7 smartphone collection. The second display of Meizu may be employed to show notifications, weather, time and audio.

The Meizu smartphones, nevertheless, have two separate touchscreen screens, while the plan of Samsung reveals one big screen. This can be curved 180˚ across both sides of this device.

Whether the plan of Samsung will ever come to a finished product will be the matter. Still, it’s extremely interesting to find out exactly what possibilities that the Koreans are exploring.

The patent could be seen here

Still another revolutionary smartphone design has been improved by Samsung Screen. The patent has been published now by USPTO. The application date is September 2, 2016, although the initial Korean patent was already registered in October 2015.

No, it’s not a foldable device. This phone has an amazing touchscreen display. The display goes from the front, nearly half of the back.

Back in July Meizuette the Guru 7 dual-screen smartphone series offered second display that informs the user about significant notifications, the weather, time and music.

However, the Meizu smartphones feature two separate camera displays, whereas the Samsung patent reveals one massive screen, which is 180 ° rounded at the side of this device.

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