How To Draw Customers’ Attention With Custom Labels

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Customer acquisition is vital to every business, whether it is small or large. However, studies have disclosed that the retention of patrons is crucial. In fact, it is vital having repeat customers who spend more time on every transaction in comparison with a new one. It is, as they cost less and have an excellent lifetime value.

There is beneficial news for you. Personalized stickers and labels are the best way to draw as well as retain customers. Keep reading this write-up to know why labels are effective and how to use them to draw the attention of customers.

Why do custom labels work? 

Through traditional advertisements on TV, in magazines, online, promotional content, or direct marketing, companies sell their products or services to consumers. In the marketing of a business, you come across numerous obstacles. You have to deal with distrust, skepticism, and downright hostility. These barriers make drawing the attention of customers and acquiring them expensive and tough.

People take custom labels differently; even the labels are used as ads. In childhood, we loved having stickers and taking them as gifts or rewards. Most people carry this with them in their adulthood. You can come across people who love using labels on their cars, laptops, and other personal items. Therefore, people don’t place any barriers on stickers when they are used as promotional items. In reality, many people feel that they have been rewarded with the labels you present to them.

How to use custom labels to draw customers’ attention?

After knowing people perceive labels, you get ready to use them for promoting your business. Here are a few tips that can help you maximize your positive outcomes:

  1. Identify your target market

First, you should have a sound idea about your target market. Try to find out what people are looking for, how people get inspired/encouraged for purchasing an item, and what they actually need. You
can draw a chart of customer behavior and personality. Include everything in detail about their desires and fears. The better you would know your patrons, the better you would be at creating custom labels. Keep everything in your mind from the development of your product to sticker design. Whatever you do, the focus should be on your consumers.

  1. Make a proper strategy

For drawing the attention of your buyers, you can use labels in several ways based on your business. For instance, you have a physical toy store in your locality. You can use outdoor labels and decals on walls,
windows, floors, and streets. By encouraging people’s curiosity, you can increase foot traffic to your toy store.

TV2 was very creative with outdoor labels at the time of Batman’s launch. They stick labels on footlight paths. The stickers shone and displayed a bat signal when the footlights were lit in the evening. You can
also apply such an approach to attract customers to your business.

  1. Create custom stickers

After deciding the strategy, you need to design custom labels for drawing customers’ attention, you can use services like iCustomLabel . If you are on the way to exposing your brand, be out of your comfort zone, and come up with something different & unique to make people know more about you.

Think about a little different approach if you will hand out your custom labels. Even if the label of your business logo is right, you should think about the design that can inspire & entertain people or is useful.
For example, design a cute kitten meme. A cute kitten meme with your business brand would draw more engagement in comparison with a label of your logo. Similarly, a calendar will be more successful in fetching consumers’ attention when compared with a simple product photo.

While designing your personalized labels, you need to think about how people will use them. Do you want people to paste your stickers on their refrigerators? Do you wish people use your custom labels on their laptops and cars? Be clear about the use before you start designing. Besides, you need to ensure that your stickers will offer value to your prospects. With this, you will build a fruitful business relationship with them.

  1. Distribute or place it wisely

Think about the distribution and placement of your personalized labels. You can come across a few avenues for distribution. However, it depends on your locality, target market, and timing.

For example, it would not be an excellent approach to hire someone for handing out your stickers in an office building. The techniques of interruption marketing aren’t right for you, as people are busy with their work and think about being in the meeting on time. However, placing your personalized labels close to elevators and stairs would be a better idea to attract customers. Handing out stickers in the mall on weekends is an excellent idea. It can bring more engagement and responses, as people are relaxed.

You can use your personalized labels and stickers in and around your store. Use the walls, floors, ceilings, and windows for pasting your stickers.


The primary thing in drawing attention and retaining customers is building a good relationship. And custom labels are a cost-effective and powerful approach, as people take a small sticker as a gift. You need to create useful labels and distribute the same properly after knowing your target market and deciding on a suitable approach. Have patience and be positive about your efforts. You will reap success in influencing people and
converting them into your customers.

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