How to Boost Conversion Rates through a Powerful Content Marketing

Boost Conversion Rates

Exceptional copywriting is like an exceptional salesman working nonstop to promote your business and customer service 24/7. The case with great content is no different! The true essence of the content you post on your website, social media, guest posts, etc. has a selling, value-added purpose in mind.

Here we see a strong content marketing strategy originating with the help of great content as it aims to achieve the business’s objectives.

This is primarily achieved through two ways. First, you opt for persuasion tactics by associating the content with the business goals, second, carefully threading the content with your sales funnel, or, you’re creating assets that back for the in-person and online sales process purposefully.

With the primary goal of enhancing the conversion rates for the business in mind, here we start exploring the ways through which content marketers can up their content-based efforts and accomplish the goal.

Understanding the Audience

Before understanding the audience, it is important to refresh the concept of the sales funnel. In its simplest, sales funnel is the customer’s journey from the initial awareness of the actual purchase of the product or service while passing through various touchpoints and decision-making instances.

While the key to moving a potential prospect from the sales funnel begins with understanding the actual audience.

  • Who is purchasing your product?
  • What is their story?
  • Is there a unique problem, need, or cause that they want to be answered or solved?

Answering these three questions becomes the basis for creating relevant, consumer-centric content later in the sales funnel process.

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Analyzing Your Publishing Mediums

Often businesses make a common mistake of creating blogs, articles, etc. first, and then finding resources to post on. In reality, the approach should be the other way round, strategically enlist the platforms where you want to publish your content and then start the creation process. This accounts for two major reasons:

  • By directing your content to different channels, you’re elevating the chances of publication and saving valuable time in creating content that goes without notice.
  • A wise channel strategy will only focus on publishing your content to particular platforms your audience most often visits to consume something new.

Remember, you have an unbeatable content strategy when you have a clear link bridging the gap between the published sources and what are the platforms your audience prefers to invest the most time in.

Take out some time to understand your target audience’s content consumption’s essentials.

  • What type of content are they hunting for?
  • What is the purpose of their content consumption? Education? Political? Entertainment? Business? Or general discussion?
  • What type of content is mostly preferred, i.e., videos, images, infographics, textual, animations, newsletters, blog posts, etc.?
  • What tone of voice do they like to read the content in? First-person perspective/narrative? Third-person perspective? Authoritative? Descriptive?
  • Which brands, websites, authors, etc. they find credible and authentic?

The better you answer these aspects, the more and easier choices you will have to select the right platform.

selecting topics Associated with Your Business Goals

Let’s not forget the prime aim of this article is to align your content marketing with your business goals—in this case, boosting conversion rates.

This takes us to the realization that selecting the right topics is the key in assuring you meet your objectives. There are many ways through which content marketers can select topics for their content strategy. Here are a few ideas that might give you some help on conjuring the right topic out of them.

  • The most sought-after topics in your industry, for example, how much effective is email marketing for my non-profit business.
  • Your audience’s most frequently asked questions, for example, how I can manage an email marketing campaign for multiple brands.
  • The trendiest topics in the industry, for example, the future of AI and programmatic advertising in digital marketing.
  • Actionable and “how-to” tutorials, for example, how to develop an editorial calendar.
  • Reviews on the latest episodes of top TV series, new mobile phone releases, etc.
  • “Top 5..”, “Top 10…” listicles that explore a specific area or features of a subject, for example, 5 content marketing insights you need to incorporate in your strategy.

The point is, the sources of inspiration for your content are huge and diverse, giving us absolutely no reason as to why a quality content couldn’t be produced. Whatever your topic is, you need to ensure it reaches two important pointers: first, your chosen topics should relate with your target customers and not industry experts, second, there should be a powerful association between the context of the content and what your brand has in store.

Remember, off-topic content that fails to comply with the audience’s interests damages the business’s credibility, let alone accounting for additional conversions.

Focusing on Delivering Value

As it is so often heard in the digital marketing landscape—focus on delivering genuine value before going for the hard sell. It becomes even more crucial to acknowledge this pointer in the context where you are examining how an effective content marketing strategy translates into increased conversion numbers for the business. However, the real concern is how to execute this perfectly.

At one end, genuinely relevant content influences the best direct marketing CTAs. On the other end, the prime aim of content marketing is to acquire leads and prospects for the business by displaying its expertise and uniqueness.

No matter what your digital strategy is, focus on delivering value as much as possible. The same concept applies to concept marketers as well. In doing so, content producers focus more on solving problems and making content easily accessible for the visitors, rather than just inclined to merely writing and publishing a 1000-word article as a mere space filler.

In short, when your content is relevant and effective enough to connect with the audience at a deeper level, conversions or sales will follow. At the same time, tempting call to actions and an author bio that helps your audience conveniently find you is recommended.


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