How online games are ruling the entertainment world

Kids Using Laptop
Kids Using Laptop


Gone are the days when you had to wait long hours for your friend to be free so you can have a friendly match in the park. Nowadays, practically every field is going digital, so is gaming. One tap on the screen and you can have an exciting game with your friend or a stranger.

Indeed, we have known video games for most of our lives, but the shape they are taking today is entirely new. Those black and white, brain-numbing games have now shifted into HD, dynamic, and online games. These games comprise of various genres from action to strategy-based games. It is their sheer entertainment factor that makes them steal the spotlight.

According to Super Data’s year-end report in 2018, these games generated $88 billion in a year. Its credit goes to diversity and excitement that tags along. It won’t be inaccurate to state that online games are ruling the entertainment world. Its vast market and considerable revenue is a shred of evidence that the field will grow even more.

Given the staggering growth, it is plausible to explore the underlying reasons. What is it about online gaming that attracts people? Will it continue to grow or become stagnant at some point? Why all other forms of entertainment fail to grab a similar level of public attention? 

Without further ado, let’s explore the answers to these queries:

Different Genres

There are different categories of games for various age groups. For kids, there are games like Finding Nemo and Music Panda. While for the older lot, there are games that they can choose according to their taste. You can choose a card game, a board game, a shooting game, an adventure game, and many more.

In essence, online games allow you to live a virtual life temporarily. You can be Sherlock Holmes and solve mysteries or become Angelina Jolie and play tomb raider. There is a vast variety of games on portals like Unlimited Gamez Mo . You can select a game according to your mood.

Over the last few years, new game categories have been created to accommodate games that fell out of the traditional game classification. Thereupon, you can find games from years ago or models similar to that. Nintendo and some other developers have rereleased the classic titles in the past few years. This taps into the nostalgia many gamers have for their early years. Sony also launched PlayStation Classic that contained original titles from the 90s.

These facts combine to spark the interest of more people. As a result, the industry expands.

Live Broadcasting

There is a growing trend of recording your game and uploading it online. People broadcast their performances on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. These pros can gather a wide fanbase. There are hundreds of game streamers. They have attracted millions of people like their followers through skilled game-play.

For instance, streamers, like “ninja” have over 2 million followers and 250 million views. This comes along with an opportunity for advertising. They can make substantial income through sponsors and supporting brands. So if you have a passion for gaming, you can give serious consideration to this aspect of making extra bucks through recording your game.

Revenue Generation

This brings us to an essential aspect of online gaming. The fact that it has the largest share in the entertainment industry is also due to its income generation capability. Online game contests are a source of earnings for many serious gamers. This is quite similar to casinos. There are many gaming centers where gamers gather to indulge in challenges. It’s a means of earning some extra cash.


Millions of people visit Twitch and YouTube to watch their favorite gamers compete online. These competitions are much like the NBA and the Superbowl. People have a high interest in watching professionals smash each other online. The League of Legends World Championships is an example. One hundred six million people logged in to it. And it had over 136 hours of airtime.

This broadcast gives a chance for developers to promote their programs. Your powerful campaign can boost your revenue exponentially. As per the number of Super Data, more people view gaming content than the combined viewership of HBO, Netflix, and Hulu. Also, there is an expectation that by 2021, 557 million people will be viewing esports.

Seamless Experience

Unlike other forms of entertainment, online games carry a seamless experience. Whether you are on a commute or waiting for a friend, tap on the screen, and you can jump into the game. There are no other formalities involved. Not only that, but payment technologies of gaming are also a significant reason for their popularity.

Take the example of the International Payment Processor Ecomm Pay, for instance. It brings a variety of innovative payment solutions to assist gaming industry experts. They can maximize their operations and attract more visitors. Ecomm Pay offers progressive and innovative payment solutions. It can help to increase revenue from online games by 25 percent.

Better Graphics

Games are increasingly getting cinematic. Advance in graphics technology has turned the games into an immersive experience. They are fascinating to watch and play. Companies like NVIDIA and Advanced Micro Devices are improvising resolution and color. NVIDIA’s new graphics card tends to carry in-game realism to an entirely new level.

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Final Thoughts

Online games are a powerful medium that does not show any sign of halting its growth. The industry is reshaping entertainment and mediums of revenue generation. There is ample room for developers to come up with even better games.

We can expect a dynamic and radical expansion in the field in the upcoming years. Do you agree? Feel free to let us know.

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