Free Christmas Gift Ideas Including Gadgets and Activities


Christmas is not only a time of joy, but it can also be a time of stress when it comes to finding the money to buy all the gifts that you want. However, it really does not have to be as there are plenty of gifts out that cost nothing or very little.

Take a look at some of our gift ideas that will save you money while also offering something special to the recipient.

Sign Up to a Spotify or Soundcloud Account

By signing up to SoundCloud or Spotify, you are introducing people to the best way to get free music. Both basic packages allow your friends or family to stream movies absolutely free and gives them the option for a paid upgraded version.

Free Amazon Accounts

Sign someone up to a free Amazon account. There are books, music, games and many more activities that can be enjoyed without having to part with a penny of your money.

Find a Free Event to Enjoy Using Your Facebook App

Not everything costs money when out and about and you should be able to use Facebook events to find free events that are happening near you. Most cities will have free concerts, festivals, galleries and the like. As long as you put in the research, you could find something to do that both you and the recipient will enjoy.

Say Something from the Heart

Sometimes just telling somebody how special they are is more than enough at Christmas. You can get creative with this idea too as you could make your own video, write a poem, a letter, or even a combination of them all. A heartfelt message or declaration of love can be worth so much more than any material item.

Plan a Day Out in Advance

If you know you are going to be short of money over the festive season but also know that you have money coming in the months after, why not pre-plan something to do. It could be a shopping trip, a night out where the drinks are on you, or even something as simple as a picnic down the park.

Offer Your Services

If money is a little tight you can always suggest doing something for the receiver rather than give a gift. Whether it be to house sit for them so that they can enjoy a night or weekend away, get your hands dirty in their backyard, or decorate their living room, there is certainly something that they would be happy to get some free labor for.

A Movie or Audio Collection

If you are a little hard up for cash but still want to get your loved ones something a little personal, why not amass some of their favorite movies or create a playlist of some of the favorite songs?

The only issue here is that the only places where you can get free music legally will usually only hand out oldies. Amazon does offer some music and movies for free as well. Your only other option is not quite as legal but as long as you use a VPN, you should be able to download torrents of movies and songs from sites such as The Pirate  Bay or Il corsaro nero.

Make a Photo Album

Why not take your loved one down memory lane using the numerous photographs that you have of each other down the years? This is practically free as all you would need is a cheap photo album. Sometimes reminding someone of great times and big memories are better than anything material.

While it would be nice to get your loved ones that latest Playstation game, some fashionable sneakers, or a bottle of expensive perfume, this is not always going to be possible. By following our tips above, you should be able to find something that everybody will cherish on Christmas Day.

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