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Are you constantly in search of new songs as a way to support artists, or do you have some nice tracks you want to reach many listeners? Worry less because SoundCloud is all you need to get started. This is one of the best platforms that offers producers and creators the best opportunity to build their profile in the music industry. It boasts over 300 million listeners, making it ideal for you to venture into. 

However, with the broad number of listeners, it may be challenging to have your music noticed. That is why we have companies that promise to bring you more engagement and grow your fanbase. You may have many questions running through your mind about buying SoundCloud plays to make your music known to many SoundCloud users. Worry no more because we’ll take you through the tips and benefits of buying real SoundCloud plays in this article. Therefore, let’s take you through these tips. 

Why should you buy SoundCloud plays?

To promote your music and make it reach many people, you should buy SoundCloud plays. It does not mean you will gain more listeners in the short run, but more people will get to know you in the long run. As many more people get to know you, your tracks will get more listening. Furthermore, they will share with their friends, which will make you who will also love and appreciate your music, thus bringing you more listeners. Among your plans to get more listeners and grow your fanbase is to buy real SoundCloud plays. 

How does Soundcloud play work?

We know that SoundCloud is an online audio streaming platform that allows you to promote, stream, share, or upload music. Thus, once you click the play button, you start to count a play. Moreover, if a listener is logged into their account, we will track their plays in real-time so they will know the music the listener loves. With this, we can pass the listener more music to stream. If you play your music, we don’t count them as plays because they are your own. This tracking will help us promote your music because we will ensure the listener is availed of more plays.

How do you get started with SoundCloud?

The way you create social media accounts, it is easy to create a SoundCloud account. We offer you a range of options to sign up, as you can use Facebook, Google, or your email address. Furthermore, we do not impose any charges upon signing up because we want you to enjoy unlimited listening. Once you sign up with SoundCloud, we guarantee you unlimited listening. Moreover, if you are a creator, we offer you the best creator features, enabling you to upload large content for up to 180 minutes. 

It is not free as such if you are the creator and wish to promote your content on this platform. After you sign up, you have to top up some money on your profile. You then choose a package that suits you then make an order. You will see the stats grow quickly, and your music will start getting more listeners.

Which are the best sites to buy real SoundCloud plays? 

Not all the sites that claim to offer you SoundCloud plays are real. There are some which are fake. That’s why we have undertaken to take you through the best sites you can use to buy real SoundCloud plays. So, to safely buy real SoundCloud plays, these are the best sites that we recommend. 

1. QQTube

Being one of the oldest service providers, QQTube is the site you will trust to offer you real SoundCloud plays. Having been in the market for the last 10 years, this website has a great reputation, so we advise you to go for it. Moreover, it has 24/7 customer support, so you will be promptly attended to whenever you have an issue. You do not have a problem paying for their services since you can pay through cryptocurrency or credit card. Thus, you shouldn’t miss out on this site as you search for real SoundCloud plays. 

2. MediaMister

This is another great website that can offer the best services regarding real SoundCloud plays. It offers you the best customer support because its support team is there on standby 24/7 at your call. While paying, you can use your credit card or pay using cryptocurrency. 

3. PromosoundGroup

This is among the best websites that offer great services for music platforms such as SoundCloud. It avails you of a wide range of packages from which you can choose. Furthermore, you may get some free tips on how to increase your listeners. You will not experience any trouble while paying because you can pay using a Payoneer or your credit card. 

4. is a company that has been in the social media marketing industry for a longer time. Thus, you can rely upon it to buy real SoundCloud plays. One outstanding feature of this is its Track Your Order tab. It guarantees customer satisfaction because it has a refund policy. With its amazing packages, you can choose that gives you the best SoundCloud services. 


1. Is it bad to buy SoundCloud plays?

No, buying SoundCloud plays is good for you to get more engagement. However, there are fake SoundCloud plays that may lead to getting banned for good from SoundCloud. For this reason, we strongly advise you to deal with reputable websites such as the ones we outlined above. It is not wrong to buy promotions for your SoundCloud but stick to the right channel. 

2. Does buying Soundcloud followers help?

Buying SoundCloud plays will greatly help you in the long run. It is, therefore, one of the best ways to gain more listeners. Due to social proof, many people will go for your content as many listen to it. So, you should not hesitate to buy SoundCloud plays.

Final thought

As a creator, you will be more than pleased to have many listeners of your music or content. However, getting a large number of listeners on SoundCloud is not a walk in the park though because it is not easy for content to get noticed by the users. Since this may be a daunting task buying SoundCloud plays is the viable option, you have at hand. You’ve got to be keen so that you don’t buy fake followers that could lead your account to get banned. So, buy real SoundCloud plays and make your music go global.

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