AMD’s Ryzen 3000 Series Rumors Are Too Hard to Swallow

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AMD Ryzen 3000 Series
AMD Ryzen 3000 Series

These days the buzz about AMD’s upcoming 7nm Ryzen 3 family is floating around. A new leak from AdoredTV recently exposed a range of details about AMD’s upcoming Zen 2-based Ryzen 3000 CPUs which are too good to be true.

As per the rumors, AMD is about to drop 10 new unbelievable Ryzen 3000 series CPUs with a 16 core and a mind-boggling 5.1GHz clock speed.

With the improvements and changes the company introduced with its shift to 7nm, it is worth to see how much of this is the actual truth. Let’s have a look at the details that this rumor alleges.

A CPU Lineup from AMD

The rumors started with an AdoredTV video that leaked a few things like AMD is allegedly planning to release Navi-based RX 3080, RX 3070 and RX 3060 cards. Although it sounds amazing at first glance,the rumors about CPU lineup is simply too starry-eyed to take seriously.

While the Ryzen 7nm changes are still unknown, it is just beyond expectation that a common CPU design will be shared by Epyc and Ryzen.

AS per the AdoredTV video, AMD is going to use the same chiplet and I/O strategy as Ryzen for its 7nm Epyc. Earlier the same die design was used for both Epyc and Ryzen in the first generation of products, so the company may have chosen to do it again. However, it seems unrealistic.


As far as the pricing of the product is concerned, it will be unveiled before a few days of the product launch. But for those GPUs, the pricing does not make sense from many angles. Just like they did in the past, AMD may try to undercut Nvidia with their next generation of GPUs. But which company will want to create a product and sell it for half the price of their competitor?

So, it is just too hard to digest the rumor that AMD will release a Navi GPU at $250 with the same performance as Nvidia’s $500 RTX 2070. We don’t think any executive at AMD would ever sign off on things like that which makes zero business sense.

Anyone who wants to undercut its competitor can think of offering a 20% lower price at best which still makes a screaming deal.

But it does not make sense that AMD is going to give up the juicy margins just for the sake of “destroying” Nvidia.

But that’s not all. Some leaks are also suggesting that AMD is going to announce a product in a month. Radeon RX 590 is just released by AMD at $280, and it is completely ludicrous to expect another announcement of the product so fast that too for a lower price.

Design and Performance

AMD wants to build a cluster of chiplets including DDR4 controllers, I/O controllers, and PCIe lanes around a single unified die with 64 CPU cores around the edges.

Same ratio of eight cores per physical die is what they want to keep while the base ‘unit’ of processing is still an eight-core chip. It makes no sense to have a distinct I/O die constructed on 14nm and a single chiplet on 7nm.

Specific Clocks and TDPs

When measuring the clock speeds and TDPs,several things just don’t sound right, and it doesn’t align with what AMD offered in the past.

In this line-up, there’s a 4 GHz 8-core chip at 95W while a 16-core chip at 4.3 GHz is only 135W. This seems unrealistic. Large clock jumps with no corresponding TDP increase and twice thecore count on the same platform makes much less sense.

On top of that, another thing that makes the least sense is the unveil date at CES. While everyone is now expecting AMD to unveil these 7 nm products soon, we haven’t heard a whisper about this from AMD.

SMT Space

As per the rumors, AMD will stop using SMT as a feature differentiation in its products. SMT enables the company to offer significant performance uplift to customers as an incentive to purchase higher-performing parts.

Also, it costs virtually nothing in terms of die size or OS support as the feature is supported by all modern operating systems.

Most of the Ryzen CPUs by AMD already have SMT. Planning to sell CPU of the lowest-end models with no SMT can be an up-sell technique.

While the tech-specifications are too hard to swallow, the alleged pricing is eye-popping too. As none of the specifications are confirmed by any stretch yet, it is better to treat these rumors with some salt. Let’s wait and see how much of this rumors are going to be true.

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