6 Emerging Math Games for Students

Math Games for Students
Math Games for Students

To engage your students in a math class, playing some fun games is the best way. You can interest and challenge students in solving different math problems. Everyone loves to play games, and your students will also take a keen interest if you make them play exciting math games. You can play different games like math grid race, 101 and out, around the block, etc.

Following are 6 interesting games that can be valuable and entertaining for your students:

1. Around the block:

It is an interesting activity to teach students any math skills. You have to create a list of questions that you want to teach the students in the class. You can use a ball or block and make all the students sit in a circle. Give the student a ball and ask the math question aloud. While the students pass the ball clockwise or anti-clockwise in the circle, the student from whom the ball started revolving, must have to answer the question, before it is received again. If the answer is incorrect, you as a teacher should explain the actual answer and then choose the next student for, next question. In case the student’s answer is correct, the same student can choose the next contestant for answering the next question.

2. Back to back:

This is a game every student will find exciting. The whole class is involved in this game at one time and everyone learns while the turn of other students. at one time there are three players. Two students stand to join their back to back. One student is the caller. The students who stand with the back joining are asked to write one-one numbers each ranging from 0-9. You can change the range according to the grade level. The caller has to announce, addition or multiplication of those tow numbers. The back-to-back students will be given chance one by one to guess the number of opponents. The winning student is who guesses the number of the second student right.

3. Math bat ball:

“Math bat ball is a game that gives teacher control over the class and the list of questions to be answered by the students”, says an expert from Assignment Help Sydney. Divide the class into two teams and then pitch the question to the two teams. Also set marks for that question. The team which chooses to bat first will answer the question and if it not corrects, the defending team can earn a chance to earn the runs. When the batting team reaches a score of 10 then the turn is given to the opposite team. If the A team answers three questions wrong consequently, it is declared out.

4. Math grid race:

This is a combination of physical and math activities. Students are asked to stand in a line at the back of the class. They are divided into two teams and two girds are made on the whiteboard. When the question is announced, students from each team run to the board and writes the answer in an appropriate grid. While practicing mathematics, let’s say the answer is 15, the student will have to write the answer in a grid where the fifth row and third column meet. The team member returns to the place and the next candidate runs to answer the next question. In such a way, the game proceeds until all the cells are filled with answers. The team which has a maximum number of correct answers wins the game.

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5. 101 and out:

In this game, you have to divide your class in half and each group should be provided with a pen, paper, and a die. One by one each group takes a turn and rolls the die, adding the number count or also the face value can be multiplied with 10 to make perfect 101. For example, if 5 turns up on the dice, the team can decide to make it 50. The team who succeeds to get 101 scores first, wins.

6. Chase the multiples with a doodle.

This game is very interesting according to every age group and the teacher has to make students sit in a circle. Students are instructed to count from 1 starting from a random student. The requirements are that the student who needs to speak multiple of 4 will have to say doodle in place of the multiple. You can change the multiples like 5, 3, 9 or another number. You can also choose to skip a number which is 2+multiple of 3.

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