Why online betting is the next big niche

Developing apps for betting on the NFL could be the next big thing
Developing apps for betting on the NFL could be the next big thing
Developing apps for betting on the NFL could be the next big thing

2020 promises to be a big year for app development. The likes of AR, VR, and beacon technology are just a few of the many trends to watch out for over the next twelve months. But what about niches? The last few years saw a huge influx of personal development apps, while the gaming niche enjoyed its usual meteoric growth. This year, however, could see the emergence of one particular niche as the next big thing.

We’re talking about online betting. Yes, app developers could find that this is the most lucrative niche in the next year or even more.

Why all the fuss?

Online betting has been around for quite some time, so why is it suddenly the focus of a lot of attention? Well, with online sports betting now legalized in New Jersey among many other states in the US, the industry looks set to really take off. And with the vast majority of internet users now using mobile devices for all of their digital needs, this is particularly interesting to mobile app developers.

The big guns are investing heavily in development as they understand that sports fans don’t necessarily want to visit a casino just to place a small bet on games. Likewise, they don’t want to power up their laptop or PC just to use the website.

Consumers now crave convenience and what’s more convenient than a mobile app that allows you to bet on the go? But it’s not just the industry heavyweights that understand this.

A boom in the making

Although the sports betting industry has been around for decades, it’s relatively new in the US. As with any emerging industry, companies are eager to invest and claim their share of what looks set to be quite large pie.

Casinos, sportsbook operators, and online gaming companies are all in the market for mobile apps to keep their customers happy. This means that a savvy app developer with the right skills could potentially make a comfortable living servicing the industry. Will there be enough work to go around? You better believe it. At last call, there were 13 states that have legalized sports betting in place and a further seven with plans to get started in 2020. And that’s not including the states that are currently discussing legislation. If you’re an app developer unsure of a niche to target this year, then sports betting is most definitely the way to go.

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