What will Apple call its next iPhone?


Until last year, we were pretty clear what the name of the iPhone that Apple was going to launch would be. After the introduction of the iPhone 3G, came the iPhone 3Gs, which has come back to life, and since then that has been the pattern followed by the Cupertino. After an iPhone with a number, came a revised version with the “s” as a surname.

This trend continued until 2017. The latest iPhone surname “s” skipped and came the iPhone 8. But Apple also introduced a special device that completely changed the traditional nomenclature and it was done through the iPhone application development company , the iPhone X.

From here, it’s hard to know what line of names Apple will follow. Considering that we expect three iPhone with a design that will continue the release with the iPhone X, it is possible that the numbers have come to an end.

Different name proposals for the new 2018 iPhone

As it is a question of difficult solution, in Reddit they have opened a thread so that the users give their opinion. Of course there is nothing official, but some of these proposals may end up being the official name of this year’s iPhone.

These are the best proposals we have found:

  • The New iPhone.
  • iPhone (2018), something already used in iPads.
  • iPhone X (2018)
  • iPhone XI.
  • iPhone Xs.
  • iPhone 10s.
  • iPhone X Series 2.
  • iPhone X2.
  • iPhone Pro.
  • iPhone One.

These are the best proposals we have found. Many of them are quite logical. I would go for two or three of them. Or simply call iPhone to the new model, continue with the current name, iPhone X, including the year, as with the iPad Pro or call it iPhone XI, which would be pronounced “iPhone Eleven” or “iPhone Eleven”.

Of course, apart from these proposals, we have others that are going to troll. There are some pretty funny, but hopefully Apple does not pay much attention:

  • iPhone Xx, pronounced 10 x.
  • iPhone X Snow Leopard.
  • iPhone 10.1, so that in a few years we will reach the iPhone 10.6.8.
  • iPhone Plus Ultra.
  • iPhone Premiere.
  • Phone Pod.
  • iPhone TEMPTATION.
  • iPhone SE X

The name of the next iPhone is still an unknown that will not be revealed soon. It is possible that different names appear over the summer, but with the iPhone X we did not learn until practically the same day of the presentation.

What do you think of these names, what would you call it?

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