What A.I. to Look Out for in 2018


In 2017, Artificial Intelligence was a non-stop talking point for most business tycoons, it looks like the talk is going to be put into practice in 2018. Currently, most people see A.I. as phones being able to respond and answer questions to mobile app development , although it’s a clever technology, answering simple day-to-day questions is just a stepping stone for artificial intelligence. Here’s a look at some of the big and small advancements you can expect to see this year.

Personal Assistants

There is a current trend with smart speakers, having a speaker that allows you to order food, schedule plans and much more. In the home, most people only scratch the service on what these devices can achieve. In business for example, having the device in an office can help manage employee’s schedules, answer questions quickly and create plans. Businesses could easily find their time being managed much more efficiently with a small device in the office constantly listening. Most large brands are releasing similar speakers which are all in competition to break new ground, so one thing expect in 2018 is more workplaces using this technology. Apples smart speaker has the ability to block out background noise and receive instructions without having to move closer to it, ideal in an office or at home whilst listening to music.

A.I. Gadgets Will All Work in Unity

If it isn’t enough to have a smart speaker making your life easier, A.I. now has the ability to sync to other devices and tailor reminders to specific people if told to. You could set a reminder for a conference in the office and whilst its announced by the speaker, people out of the office can also receive notifications of meetings and the ability to communicate through A.I. is also a foreseen technology. For home use the convenience of setting a reminder on one device and having it fed back on another is perfect, devices working in unison will create a much easier schedule for most.

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Facial Recognition

You might not see it this year but advance facial recognition is going to be the future, being able to pay for goods or use your face as identification is something that is deemed to be culpable to artificial intelligence. The current development is to make the A.I. understand facial changes and not get mixed up with someone who looks similar, also spot facial hair changes and makeup. Although retina technology seems to be a similar concept, time will tell use which advancement wins the race. You can imagine the convenience of not needing I.D. to enter your work building and anything that requires security being approved without needing to remember passwords, keys or use fingerprints.

A.I. Will Be Able to Create Reports Tailored to You

A massive change in the business world, A.I. being conscious throughout your computer and being able to create a report on clients you’re currently working for. Time efficiency will be at an all-time high. In marketing, law and sales having an assistant to create the main parts of a report are ideal. Naturally, you can assume the report would be computerised but human tailoring would be a lot quicker than starting a document from scratch. There are a lot of A.I software’s being used currently to manage emails, schedules and scanning through data to optimise businesses function.


Current voice-enabled technology is clever, but in 2018 you can expect gadgets to emphasize to situations, know the right time to send notifications if your busy and offer more emotionally aware responses, it might know when to lighten the mood or stay quiet. It’s hard to imagine employees being replaced by A.I so it might not be needed in some workplaces or at home. However, even if it might not be necessary for the office, it’ll be an interesting concept to see put into practice.

It’s easy to see that the future of A.I. is going to make businesses flourish and add efficiency to employee schedules. But it’s also going offer an extra level of professionalism, businesses using this technology daily to keep on top of schedules and even at its current level, it’s making a big difference. A.I. is currently a novelty for the home, but with the current ability to order a taxi or food, the technology is going to start improving peoples home living and being able to read situations.

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