Utilities of Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cables

Utilities Of Pre Terminated Fiber Optic Cables
Utilities Of Pre Terminated Fiber Optic Cables

Establishing network connectivity between structures is a process that demands planning and proper resource allocation. In order to meet the needs for distance, noise, and bandwidth, optical fiber cables are largely used for adjoining two structures inside a large area or even connecting support network cabinets from the third-party Internet service provider (ISP) at home. The scope of work and environment play a major role while implementing cabling. You can not expect good results upon installing outdoor fiber optic cable in an indoor plant and vice-versa. Both indoor and outdoor fiber optic cables are designed with specific characteristics that can complement the project requisites. If you ask for a common solution for both plants, pre-terminated fiber optic cable is your answer! These cable assemblies carry the capabilities to withstand any environmental conditions they come across. 

Utilities of Pre-terminated Cables

  • Pre-terminated fiber optic cables, as the name suggests, are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor conduits. No need to order different versions for outside and inside cabling work. These can be the all-in-one solution for the industries who are into networking and require frequent installations.
  • Such pre-terminated cable assemblies are specially designed technology that fits all-environment cabling requirements. The assemblies are tested for performing areal, waters, and sun-light conditions.
  • It is not restricted to a 50-foot installation barrier which standard outdoor fiber cables have. You can ditch the worries of length as far as you’re dealing with pre-terminated fiber cables.
  • These cables come with an overall PVC sheath and are not rated for plenum spaces. 
  • the high-density fiber networks come with multi-mode connectors that can meet multiple cabling needs.
  • Pre-terminated cables eliminate rework, which helps to reduce the installation cost. Gaining termination efficiency and excluding transmission testing for end equipment and consumables significantly cut the overall expenses.
  • Custom fiber optic components take weeks to arrive. Wherein indoor/outdoor fiber optic cables are ideal and readily available with manufacturers. Faster material delivery shortens the project completion time and increases overall deployment speed. And time management is a vital factor in any project!
  • Pre-terminated fiber optic cable components are designed for high-performing results. Thus this all-in-one indoor/outdoor fiber cables provide up-to-the-mark performance for almost every project. The UV capacity handles the extreme sun very well and on the other hand, they work wonders indoors and in-water too.
  • Using pre-terminated cables makes the whole manpower planning easy. In most cases, where conventional cables are used, a group of engineers is behind it for making the connections, testing, and troubleshooting. The deployment of the non-pre-terminated cables is comparatively time and resource taking. Whereas, in the pre-terminated cabling system, the connections are pre-terminated and need less labor intervention.
  • Traditional cabling demand various tools and loose components on the site in order to install. These components require space and specialized skills to operate them. This occupies a larger area and needs more engineers. With pre-terminated optic fiber cables, the extra space for tools can be saved. It’s ‘made to measure’ feature makes it easy for the plants to directly order, plug and play. In a way, these cables reduce material, labor, and space wastage.


In spite of the aforementioned benefits, the pre-terminated optic cables are not so much in trend. Due to its high-performing abilities, the costing for installing these assemblies are high. Moreover, accurate measurement details are required for the same as wastage can cause industries money. If applied with planning and precision, these pre-terminated cables are way more preferable than others. Give it a try and share your experience of using these cables.

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